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Water reservoir Nová Bystrica

Published 13 days ago by Jaroslav Majer

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Water reservoir Nová Bystrica for drinking water supply in the district Kysuca the Slovak

Kuzminki park - Moscow

Published about 1 month ago by Andrey Golubev

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Versailles hamlet of Marie Antoinette

Published 2 months ago by Mark Peterson

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The Hamlet of Marie Antoinette near the palace of Versailles was built and used by the king and queen when they wanted to<a href="">...(more)</a>

Keptie Pond, Arbroath

Published 5 months ago by Ross Bull

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Arbroath's Keptie Pond, overlooked by the Water Tower on Keptie Hill which was built in 1885 by Archibald Anderson to a design by W. Gillespie Lamont and now sits redundant.

Kina waterhole

Published 10 months ago by Idan Presser

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waypoint 567333/215925 Height: 433 A nice big waterhole at the bottom of an impressive waterfall. Full all year round. The name preserves the name of a Kenite people who were sitting in the area centuries ago.

Sludge settling pond near Olkha

Published 11 months ago by Alexey Tsepelev

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Russia &gt; Irkutsk redion &gt; Industrial zone between Shelekhov and Olkha.There are 3 huge sludge settling ponds near Irkutsk Aluminum Smelter (Kremniy). The water is dull white and kind of reflective.

Hamilton Gardens - Chinese Scholars Garden

Published 11 months ago by Aaron Radford

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By Aaron Radford - Dating back 2000 years, Chinese gardening is one of the wor<a href="">...(more)</a>

-Oberkleen- Steinbruch

Published about 1 year ago by Markus Freitag

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