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Reconstructions of Native American Houses

Published almost 2 years ago by Joe Griffin

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In Coloma there are a couple of reconstructed Nisenan houses.  While most of the State Park there is focussed on the Gold Rush, these are a nice nod to the original inhabitants of the area.

Alexander's exotic picnic

Published about 2 years ago by Tony Redhead

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On our last day in the Russian Far East we were taken miles out into the country where we met Alexander Yastrebov and had a picnic lunch on his property<a href="">...(more)</a>

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Published almost 4 years ago by Jeff Starley

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Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, to give it its full title, affectionately referred to as "Paddy's Wigwam<a href="">...(more)</a>

Etnomir. Wigwam. Interior. (2010)

Published over 4 years ago by Vasily Kumaev &amp; Andrew Mishin

A wigwam or wickiup is a domed room dwelling used by certain Native American tribes. The term wickiup is generally used to label these kinds of<a href="">...(more)</a>