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Sunset in Windisch

Published almost 2 years ago by Stefan Seiz

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Captured on a sunday evening flying 70m above ground to capture the sunset. Lindhof farm on top of the hill, Windisch north extending into the aare and reuss valleys.

Kingsfield Park September 2012 aerial view

Published almost 2 years ago by Stefan Seiz

Kingsfield park in September 2012Aerial view, 40 shots 80m above ground

Vision Mitte Construction Site

Published about 2 years ago by Stefan Seiz

Aerial view of the construction site vision mitte in windisch, switzerland. These buildings will be used to extend the University of Applied Sciences.

Aerial View Vision Mitte Windisch Switzerland

Published almost 3 years ago by Stefan Seiz

Construction going on for the Vision Mitte ProjectThe canton of Aargau and the two local communities Windisch and Brugg <a href="">...(more)</a>