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The Mighty Dettifoss

Published almost 2 years ago by David Rowley

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The mighty Dettifoss is often said to be Europe’s most powerful waterfall.Photographer’s Notes: I always think of 360 degree panoramic photography i<a href="">...(more)</a>

Standing at Dettifoss (Iceland)

Published about 2 years ago by Jürgen Matern

Dettifoss is a large waterfall in the north of Iceland. In fact it is said that this is the most powerfull waterfall in Europe. The wate<a href="">...(more)</a>


Published almost 3 years ago by Cepгей Рощин

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Face to face with roaring Dettifoss

Published about 5 years ago by Jakub Hruska

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You can hear him kilometers away, you can feel mists spreading moisture, you can sense his presence and see a sun setting into his tepid arms, yet you are n<a href="">...(more)</a>