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Open Air Museum Kolovrat - Italian Bunker #3

Published about 1 month ago by Gorazd Bajt

During the First World War the Italian Army built on the Kolovrat range an extensive system of the third line of defence, ca<a href="">...(more)</a>

Inside the bunker B349

Published 3 months ago by Franck Masschelein

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This is a view from inside the bunker B349 (Montury). This is a 1rst MR-G4 type double right hand flankering bunker, of the Maginot li<a href="">...(more)</a>

Bunker Bob, Subic

Published 3 months ago by Michael Malag

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Södra-näs vid gammal bunker

Published 4 months ago by andreasson360

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Södra-näs vid gamla bunkern

Bakalarzewo Bunkers

Published 7 months ago by Rafal Tarnas

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Bakalarzewo - German two-storey medium combat bunker type Regelbau 113 6-JOBS armored dome type 20P7 designed for two heavy machine guns.

Bunker WW2 Terschelling

Published 7 months ago by H. J. Deelstra

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Bunker from WW2 in the forest near West Terschelling. Part of the Atlantic Wall. After being buried for many years some of them have been dug out. This one too.

Air Raid Shelter - Tiefbunker Steintorwall

Published 11 months ago by Michael Grube

The Steintorwall air raid shelter at Hamburg main railway station was built during World War 2 and converted for the cold war in 1969. It was equi<a href="">...(more)</a>

Cala Rafeubetx, Mallorca, sunset from the old military base

Published 11 months ago by Guillem Alemany

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A panoramic image taken from an old coast battery placed on the closed military base called Cala Figuera. This is an outs<a href="">...(more)</a>