Image sets by Fritz Hanke

Made a nice trail with Adriano starting in Waldenburg going up to the Belchenflue (1099 meters). Up at the Belchenflue it was a bit cloudy and we could not see the alps but had a wonderful view around. See also in German
Created 26/08/2015 by Fritz Hanke
These are computer generated panoramas. I used the ultra-realistic flight simulator X-Plane 10 to generate the panos. It looks like a Google Earth view if you look around in Google Earth.
Created 14/08/2015 by Fritz Hanke
Rheinsberg Hafendorf is a vacation resort at the Mecklenburger Seenplatte in Germany. It consists of a wellness hotel and 206 vacation houses with private boat docks inaugurated in 2008.
Created 14/08/2015 by Fritz Hanke
About 10'000 years ago the biggest rockslide of the alps came down from the Flimserstein and formed a lake of about 16 km length. Later on the Rhine ate through the debris and formed the canyon today known as Ruinaulta.
Created 10/11/2014 by Fritz Hanke