Image sets by Fritz Hanke

This is a computer generated panorama. I used the ultra-realistic flight simulator X-Plane 10 to generate the pano. It looks like a Google Earth view if you look around in Google Earth.
Created 01/04/2016 by Fritz Hanke
Made a nice hike from Splügen over the Safienberg to the Turrahus, the end station of the Postauto line through the wild Safien valley. It was late in the year at mid-November.
Created 01/04/2016 by Fritz Hanke
Görlitz in German, Polish: Zgorzelec, Upper Sorbian: Zhorjelc, Lower Sorbian: Zgórjelc, Czech: Zho?elec) is a town in Germany and the capital of district of Görlitz.
Created 19/02/2016 by Fritz Hanke