Old-fashioned Barber Shop
Santiago de Cuba
Copyright: Jeffrey martin
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Jeffrey Martin
Hanging out with the hotrod and whistling at high school girls
Jeffrey Martin
Pink House
Jeffrey Martin
Jeffrey Martin
Dominoes in Santiago de Cuba
Jeffrey Martin
Old Blue American Car
Jeffrey Martin
Typical residential street
Jeffrey Martin
La Epoca
Jeffrey Martin
Grandma in green window, Santiago de Cuba
Jeffrey Martin
a Busy street corner
Jeffrey Martin
Pepe's Guest House (casa) in Santiago
Jeffrey Martin
Antique Bookstore
Jeffrey Martin
a Food Shop
bibouroku tabito
蓬莱橋 2 (静岡県島田市)
Sam Rohn
United Nations General Assembly Hall, New York City
Paseo De Recoletos de Madrid
Maracanã Stadium
Real Palace of Madrid
Bridge Carlos Fernandez Casado
Monastery of the Paular of Madrid
Church of San Isidoro of Oviedo
T. Emrich
Neues Schloss
Four Sides Media
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat, Oman
Fritz Hanke
Kopenhagen 14 B 0 1 2 Tonemapped 2
Chris Ellenbogen
Old Jewish Cemetery
Jeffrey Martin
Horni and Rooseveltova Ulice (Streets)
Jeffrey Martin
Frantisek and Benjamin playing Angry Birds
Jeffrey Martin
Cafe Imperial
Jeffrey Martin
Benes Most-bridge
Jeffrey Martin
Wrigley Building
Jeffrey Martin
The Secret Hollow Tree in Stromovka
Jeffrey Martin
Timisoara, Summer 2009 - 1
Jeffrey Martin
Jeffrey Martin
The Town Hall at Old Town Square - 2
Jeffrey Martin
Babies like to fly
Jeffrey Martin
House of Outlaws - 2
Jeffrey Martin
Veranda - Hacienda El Carmen 10
Mer om North America

North America includes Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Gotham City.The region temporarily existed as a Protectorate of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I, with its capital being the city of San Francisco. Sadly, this term of benevolent ebullience lasted a brief two decades and ended c. 1880.The United States is now the dominant country of North America. It arose as a nation only 225 years ago after a successful rebellion against the British government under King George III. From a distance, it appears that the eastern coastlines of North and South America fit exactly into the west coast of Africa. In fact, about 250 million years ago these continents really were all connected in one land mass that we have named Pangaea.With such a foundation in tectonic unity, there is no doubt that someday soon the people on every continent of earth will realize their fundamental similarities. Expect massive leaps in creative output in your area!Text by Steve Smith.