Beach near Kolymbari and Minothiana

Sunny day at beach Crete near between Kolymbari and Minothiana towns. Snowy mountains lurking at horizon.

Copyright: Samu Kemppainen
Typ: Spherical
Upplösning: 5742x2871
Taken: 29/04/2012
Uppladdad: 05/05/2012
Uppdaterad: 07/05/2012


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Samu Kemppainen
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Mer om Chania

The History of Crete, the Southest piece of land of Europe continent, encompasses the ancient Minoan civilization. After this civilization was destroyed by natural catastrophes, Crete developed an Ancient Greece influenced organazition of city states, and then successinely became part of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Venetian Republic, and the Ottoman Empire. Modern Crete embraces all western habits and faculties with in a multilayered-multicultured attitude due its history. It's mostly touristic without loosing its traditional nature. Visitors can choose from five stars luxury hotels to traditional villas and from hidden tracks, picturesque beaches to dancing clubs, bars and wild night life. Everyone can find his choise in Crete.