Camping on the Sandy Blight

Some travellers with a deep spirit of Adventure spend their holiday, not on the beach or in the mountains, but in the one of Australia’s harsh deserts. Shortly before night fall a camp is selected and firewood collected. Winter here brings cold, often freezing nights, and the fire is required for both heat and cooking. The camp is surrounded by desert oak trees which help make the camp a more pleasant place to spent the evening. After dinner is eaten the travellers unwind and talk over the day’s events and socialise with a lone traveller which they met during the day before retiring to their swags for a night’s sleep.

This camp is located next to a very remote track named “The Sandy Blight Junction Road”, which skirts the Eastern edge of the Gibson Desert. During the night no cars or any other vehicles pass. The people in this photo are likely the only ones for around 80 kilometres (50 miles), and most certainly the friendliest and kindest people for 10 times that distance. (Thanks guys, I had a really good time camping with you).

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