Sokolići park [Soko Banja]
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Sokolići park [Soko Banja]

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Parks are well regulated Sokobanja gardens for relaxation and recovery of patients and spa guests. Our introduction to the sights and surroundings Sokobanja start from the city center.

Once upon a time the center was covered with gravel pads as evidenced by photos from our retro albums in the photo gallery, and then a year after joining 70tih Sokobanja Zajecar district decided to pave the center of the marble slabs. In Serbia, you will not find such a nice center of what has Sokobanja. Old trees and a few hundred years, among which stand out with old plane tree-decorating the space environment while giving him the necessary freshness and shade during the hot summer days. It is especially beautiful time of year when the lime and the entire park rascvetaju scent smells.

Central spa promenade - a promenade stretches the length of about 600 meters from the hotel "Park" in the east to the museum and OTKSa in the west. A few years ago and was extended by the church of the Holy Transfiguration of the building Sokobanja primary and secondary schools. In the central part of the promenade is an extension of the promenade in the form of so-called. artisan center where there are boutiques, cafes, pizzerias and other service facilities.

In the center of the old bathroom "Park", which are built on Roman foundations of the Turks, and was renewed twice: first at the time of Prince Milos, and then after World War II. Under the dome are two swimming pools, male and female, and a dozen time. In addition to the bathroom - inhalatorijum, where visitors, under the direction of a physician, inhaliraju.U the bathroom are separated by a dozen large bathrooms that snadbevaju hot water from geothermal sources, and on the other side of the bathroom is a large swimming pool. There is also Miloševa when that is not available to people without permission to use. The bathroom is under the jurisdiction of the Special Hospital "Sokobanja" and instructions for use are given in the old Institute of specialized hospitals that are located in the city center.

Especially interesting is the building - monument Milos quarters. Today's guest house Milos is a bit higher than it was in the original edition, but the main architectural features are retained when nadzidavanja this facility. One can rightly say that in addition to Turkish hamam, Milos quarters feature a recognizable symbol and Sokobanja. On and contains a number of restaurants such as The Irish Pub "Dublin" disco "srena" coffee coffee "Spa" coffee, as well as several service activities.

Especially interesting is a city park located on the north side of the promenade. Given that provides excellent shade and to use it as a fountain, benches and things like that usually is filled with retirees who enjoy the chat at the same time in a beautiful natural setting. On the western side of the park is a playground "Sokolic" which is equipped with quality machines for the entertainment of children. Children's park is fenced for dogs and cats that would not be entered during the night, and to protect the assets are installed surveillance cameras and night is a park and playground lit. Flowing through the park with two clear streams - cold and hot mineral water.

Text source: Turističko informativni portal Sokobanje

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