Hugenottenkirche - south
Copyright: Jan Köhn
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Taken: 19/05/2011
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Tags: church; erlangen; hugenotten
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Stefan Huber
Glocke in Hugenottenkirche
Jan Köhn
Hugenottenkirche - eastside
Jan Köhn
Hugenottenkirche - west
Jan Köhn
Hugenottenkirche - north
Stefan Huber
Hugenottenkirche blick vom turm richtung westen
Stefan Huber
Hugenottenkirche blick vom turm richtung sueden
Jan Köhn
Hugenottenplatz - Hauptstrasse
Stefan Huber
Hugenottenkirche blick vom turm richtung norden
Jan Köhn
Jan Köhn
Hugenottenplatz with night watchman
Stefan Huber
Hugenottenplatz, Erlangen
Jan Köhn
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Ses Covetes
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City Hall Roof of Erlangen - north-west
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Cablecar Museum
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Historic Christmas Market at the evening
Jan Köhn
Mer om Erlangen

Wikipedia: Erlangen is a Middle Franconian city in Bavaria, Germany. It is located at the confluence of the river Regnitz and its large tributary, the Untere Schwabach. Erlangen has more than 100,000 inhabitants.Erlangen is today dominated by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the numerous branch offices of Siemens AG, as well as a large Institute of the Fraunhofer Society. An event that still influences the city was the settlement of Huguenots after the withdrawal of the Edict of Nantes in 1685.