The Central Block of the Fashion- and Lifestyle Company Breuninger includes the Karlspassage, which was inaugurated in 1988, and invites you to a convenient shopping expedition. Beneath a 35 meter high glass dome several boutiques are located, like the “Breuninger Confiserie”, the flower shop “Mann” and the jeweller “Jacobi”. In front of the centrally situated “Café Flo” in the Karlspassage Piano players occasionally entertain the audience.
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Hans-Dieter Teschner
Breuninger, Gentlemen-Fashionworld
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Breuninger, Sports World
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Breuninger, Nespresso Boutique in Shop
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Breuninger, Lingerie Floor
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Breuninger, perfumery
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Breuninger, Ladies-Fashionworld
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Christmas Market at Breuninger
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Breuninger, premium floor
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Marktplatz, Weindorf 2005 #3
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Marketplace at Christmas Market 2006
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Markthalle Stuttgart
Hans-Dieter Teschner
christmas market 2006 Marktplatz 3
Mikhail Muryy
Khabarovsk Eternal Flame
Leszek Cuper
Opolski Rynek
Max Balyura
Trig point on Ai-Petri
Saša Stojanović
City of Belgrade
Ernst Michalek
Austria/Styria: Beneath teh Dachstein Gletscherbahn, at Upper Station
Wolfgang Guelcker
Florence - Santa Croce (Transept)
Thomas K Sharpless
Blossoms All around
Haruhiko Nakayama
巨樹の森とシャクナゲ Woods of the Giant tree & Alpine roses
Tom Baetsen
Tuin de Kloet punt
Konrad Łaszczyński
Budapest Párizsi Udvar - Paris Court Telephone
Rui Ferreira, Moura-Portugal
Defesa de São Bras, Alqueva Dan
Churbanov Yakov
My favorite vacation spot. Bar, billiards,bowling,
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Gernsbach, Ehrenmal
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Marktplatz Weihnachtsmarkt 5
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Hohenrechberg gigapixel
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Our group at Davos
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Waiblingen, Buergerzentrum
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Christmas Market opening 1
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Marbach Schillerhoehe
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Schlossplatz, Weihnachtsmarkt 1
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Leistungsschau 2009, Jeutter Bürosysteme
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Oberer Schlossgarten at 'S-city-fit und fun' picture 1
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Strotmanns Magic Lounge
Hans-Dieter Teschner
Stammheim, Freihofstrasse, U-Station Korntaler Strasse
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A virtual tour through the fashion and lifestyle emporium BreuningerBreuninger – The finer things in lifeSince Eduard Breuninger opened the first store in 1881, the small department store with a staff of only three has grown into the fashion and lifestyle emporium that Breuninger is today. With its 10 stores and a crew of more than 4.500, Breuninger sets the highest standards when it comes to service, shopping experience and latest fashion trends