Male Pubblic Beach
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Male Pubblic Beach

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A: Artificial Beach in Male Maldives

av Island Pixcel, mindre än 10 meter bort

Though, there are a number of beautiful white sandy beaches in Maldives, but its capital city, where ...

Artificial Beach in Male Maldives

B: Maldives raalhugadu

av Ahmed Shiruhan, 40 meter bort

this is the first 360 point of maldives to publish on google earth, and my second one for this projec...

Maldives raalhugadu

C: Maldives Artificial Beach Male'

av Ahmed Shiruhan, 80 meter bort

Maldives Artificial Beach Male'

D: Artificial Beach,

av Island Pixcel, 90 meter bort

This is the place where you will find most people in the late afternoons. Despite so many beautiful b...

Artificial Beach,

E: Raalhugandu Park

av Island Pixcel, 130 meter bort

Raalhugandu Park - The place for kids and big people to enjoy there moments of life with joy.

Raalhugandu Park

F: Watania Masrace 2009

av Ahmed Shiruhan, 210 meter bort

Watania Masrace 2009

G: East Male' Breakwaters

av Ahmed Shiruhan, 310 meter bort

East Male' Breakwaters

East Male' Breakwaters

H: Transfer of Indian Coast Guard Helicopter Dhruv to Maldives National Defence Force 21st april 2010 Male'

av Ahmed Shiruhan, 350 meter bort

Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv, transferred by the Indian Coast Guard(INDU) to Maldives National Def...

Transfer of Indian Coast Guard Helicopter Dhruv to Maldives National Defence Force 21st april 2010 Male'

I: Alimas-Carnival-area-Male'-Maldives

av Ahmed Shiruhan, 360 meter bort


J: Raalhugandu Area

av Ahmed Mujthaba, 400 meter bort

Exercising area

Raalhugandu Area

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Detta är en översikt av Male'

It is located at the southern edge of North Malé Atoll (Kaafu Atoll). It is also one of the Administrative divisions of the Maldives. Traditionally it was the King's Island, from where the ancient Maldive Royal dynasties ruled and where the palace was located. The city was also called Mahal. Formerly it was a walled city surrounded by fortifications and gates (doroshi). The Royal Palace (Gan'duvaru) was destroyed along with the picturesque forts (kotte) and bastions (buruzu) when the city was remodelled under President Ibrahim Nasir's rule after the abolition of the monarchy. However, the beautifully decorated Male' Hukuru Miskiy remains. In recent years, the island has been considerably expanded through landfilling operations. Over the years there have been many coup attempts and protests centered in Male as a result of demand for greater democracy in the Maldives.


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