Promenade [mermerno šetalište]

This type of selective tourism has diverse ecological and functional basis for the development of highly valuable, which provides a high degree of Sokobanja market competitiveness (mineral water springs, the values ​​of climate elements, the composition of air, mud, radon gas, environmental and other natural resources). Its dominant position in the current tourism development Sokobanja must be held, much transformed and improved even more, especially if we bear in mind the above trends exhibited in the market demand. He contents must be based on the available quality and natural elements and structurally consistent with a wide range of demand requirements in the field of preventive health care, recreation, rehabilitation and treatment.

Given the spatial elements disperznost D base and the option of combining the provision of services, health tourism to be organized and developed in three functionally complementary zone (center) Soko Banja, Banja Jošanica and Ozren. We should strive to form a single, organizationally and functionally related subsystems coordinated health services, which will consist of organic unity and occupy an important position in the system of integral tourist product Sokobanja.

Sokobanja should be treated as a priority and the primary zone, as well as a center for technical and logistical assistance in developing this type of selective tourism in the wider area of ​​the municipality. It is necessary to upgrade and expand the relevant tourist and health facilities, expansion and modernization of content deals, as well as its major marketing direct to the relevant segments of domestic and foreign demand. Spa needed more affirmation as a modern center with high balneoklimatološki pronounced preventive health, recreation, hospital-rehabilitation, therapy and other travel functions. This can achieve significant market effects in both the national and in the wider international framework. However, given the relatively high degree of saturation of the spa area any further procedures therein must be strictly controlled and adapted the original features and function to the Spa.

Banja Jošanica Banjska zone with a high degree of complementarity with Sokobanja great significance in the future integrated development of health tourism in this region. Indication variety of chemical and mineral water, and the presence of peloids, to allow its independent development in the direction of the spa and health and recreation center lečilišnog, and permanent combination of natural factors Jošanice with those in Soko Banja. This is the crucial ability to organize and provide a wide range of quality services based on the curative properties of natural elements. But the fact is that this Spa is located in the initial phase of development, points to the need for significant investment funds investing in building essential, elements of tourism and health infrastructure and superstructure. It will be given the very low investment capacity of the municipality and the overall economic situation, slow down its further development. Therefore, in the first phase should be more emphasized its complementary role in providing health tourism in Soko Banja, which could be most effectively implemented by driving the water and peloids, and organized transport to tourists from Sokobanja Jošanice (especially in summer). Otherwise, permanent and optimal solution in the proper activation of the respective assets is interested in finding investors who would build the spa in this attractive market health and recreation facilities.

Ozren, with its climate, vegetation, landscape-aesthetic, ecological, environmental and other natural values ​​in the presence of ozone and radon gas in the air spa, provides a specific and highly valuable health and recreational features Sokobanja space, making it particularly interesting and attractive for this segment of the tourist demand. The future development of tourism Sokobanja this zone must be given far greater significance, meaning, and its adequate physical planning and equipping facilities and amenities, and much better traffic connection and communication with the spa's slow.

The special advantage of this zone lies in the fact that it directly abuts the continuation of the Spa, so there is a possible establishment of a high degree of their complementarity, and functional compliance of content synchronized

On the basis of development set out above Sokobanja could build a complex and in most segments of many high-quality offer for more intensive and profitable development of health tourism. Given the wide variety of medical factors and a wide range of possibilities for using this form of selective tourism could be visokokonkurentan both nationally and in the wider (international) economic frame. In this regard, the priority task is imposed on the execution of detailed and scientifically-based medical research of all natural healing factors, whose results serve as the fundamental basis to the development of long-term projections, as well as their subsequent marketing more efficient presentation of demand in the market demand.

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