Mount Tibrogargan Summit
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Mount Tibrogargan Summit

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The glass house, so named by Captain James Cook on his voyage up the east coast of Australia. The shape of the mountains remainded Captain Cook of the glass furnaces from his home in yorkshire in England. Mount Tibrogargan is the third highest mountain in the range and the 2nd most steep. Climbing the mountain is not easy at the best of times and quite often people underestimage the difficulty of the climb, while others turn back when they realise that some rock climbing is required to get to the summit.

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A: Chicken Gate Rock

av David Rowley, 310 meter bort

Standing at the top of Chicken Gate Rock on Mount Tibrogargan. This is where many will turn back and ...

Chicken Gate Rock

B: Mount Ngun Ngun

av brian moore, 770 meter bort

The view from the top of Mount Ngun Ngun - one of the easiest mountains to climb in the Glasshouse Mo...

Mount Ngun Ngun

C: Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

av Bill Bailey, 17.7 km bort

The Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve in Queensland Australia is a 52 hectare remnant of the subtropical...

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

D: The Palace, Woodford Folk Festival

av John Nayler, 18.9 km bort

The Woodford Folk Festival has a diverse array of music and arts. The palace is a big top venue often...

The Palace, Woodford Folk Festival

E: Outside Bill's Bar, Woodford Folk Festival

av John Nayler, 19.0 km bort

Bars, booths, stalls, massages and a world of food fill the festival Woodford Folk Festival precinct.

Outside Bill's Bar, Woodford Folk Festival

F: The Village Green, Woodford Folk Festival

av John Nayler, 19.0 km bort

The Village Green is circled by stalls and is adjacent to Cyldes Pond with the Duck and Shovel, the B...

The Village Green, Woodford Folk Festival

G: Bluestown, Woodford Folk Festival

av John Nayler, 19.0 km bort

The Bluestown venue near the entrance to Woodford Folk Festival is the main venue for blues and roots

Bluestown, Woodford Folk Festival

H: Gerrard Lookout - Sunshine Coast

av Michael McCulloch, 22.1 km bort

Gerrard lookout early morning.

Gerrard Lookout - Sunshine Coast

I: Gerrard Lookout, Montville, Queensland

av John Nayler, 22.1 km bort

High on the hill land donated by the Gerrards is a lookout to the Sunshine Coast. Views to Coolum, ma...

Gerrard Lookout, Montville, Queensland

J: Stoney creek swimming hole, Woodford, Queensland

av John Nayler, 22.2 km bort

Nestled away, this swimming hole is missed by most so enjoyed by just a lucky few. On this occasion t...

Stoney creek swimming hole, Woodford, Queensland

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Detta är en översikt av Australia

There are no kangaroos in Austria.

We're talking about Australia, the world's smallest continent. That being cleared up, let's dive right in!

Australia is a sovereign state under the Commonwealth of Nations, which is in turn overseen by Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth.

The continent was first sighted and charted by the Dutch in 1606. Captain James Cook of Britain came along in the next century to claim it for Britain and name it "New South Wales." Shortly thereafter it was declared to be a penal colony full of nothing but criminals and convicts, giving it the crap reputation you may have heard at your last cocktail party.

This rumor ignores 40,000 years of pre-European human history, especially the Aboriginal concept of Dreamtime, an interesting explanation of physical and spiritual reality.

The two biggest cities in Australia are Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney is more for business, Melbourne for arts. But that's painting in very broad strokes. Take a whirl around the panoramas to see for yourself!

Text by Steve Smith.

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