Ouvea Tour Mouly Beach
Ouvea Loyalty Islands New Caledonia

The Tour of Ouvea's Mouly Beach is an unguided walk. You can walk as little or as much as you like along the fabulous beach of the island of Mouly. Here, in the middle of the walk, there's nobody around in any direction.

From one end to the other is just over 6km. You can start at Lekiny Bridge or at the Village of Mouly or just about anywhere in between because the road runs just behind the trees at the top of the beach.

This is one tour that absolutely does not need any explanation of any sort. It's just magnificent to stroll barefoot along the beach, feeling the powder soft white sand beneath your feet. To find out how to amble along this wonderful beach, visit the travel guide to new caledonia

Visit the official Destination Iles Loyalte website on Ouvea, Loyalty Islands

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Mer om Ouvea Loyalty Islands New Caledonia

Ouvea Atoll is the northernmost of the four Loyalty Islands. The eastern side of the atoll was uplifted millions of years ago so the whole eastern side forms one long narrow coral island with one of the world's most spectacular white sand beaches along the proctected lagoon. Ouvea is a 40 minute flight from Noumea, New Caledonia aboard Air Caledonie's new ATR turboprop planes. There is one 4 star Ouvea hotel - the Paradis d'Ouvea - two "Gites" and 6 "tribal stay" accommodation. There are also two managed campsites. Ouvea is popular with visitors - especially Japanese visitors - primarily because of the breathtaking beauty of the beach, but also because of the clear protected waters and coral reefs that offer great diving, interesting walks and annual festivals to attend. Two distinct cultural groups live on Ouvea, the Polynesian speaking people of the northern villages and the Melanesian speaking people of the southern villages. All of them also speak French and are French citizens because New Caledonia is part of France.