Tahtali mountain (2365 m), Turkey, upper station of the rope-way. September 2011.

Tahtali mountain (2365 m), Turkey, upper station of the rope-way. September 2011.

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Tags: tahtali; mountain; turkey; rope-way; station; olimpos teleferik; 2365 m; kemer; Тахталы; Турция; канатная дорога; станция; Олимпос; гора; Кемер; 2365 м; 360foto.ru
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Hakan Celik
Mount Tahtalı (2365 mt.)
Alexander Adashkevich
Tahtali mountain (2365 m), Turkey, panorama from viewing point. September 2011.
Alexander Adashkevich
Tahtali mountain (2365m), Turkey, view to another side. September 2011.
Turkey.Antalya Tahtali Teleferik
Alexey Gorbachev
Lycian way near the Tahtali mountain
Alexander Adashkevich
Tahtali, Turkey, lower station of a rope-way, Olimpos Teleferik. September 2011.
Alexander Adashkevich
Ulupinar, Kemer, Turkey. Fishing, September 2011.
Alexander Adashkevich
Улупынар, Кемер, Турция. Рыбалка. Сентябрь 2011.
Evgeny Efimov
Camp near Lycian Way, Turkey
Evgeny Efimov
Evening on the beach, Turkey
Viktor N
Evgeny Efimov
Small waterfall near Lycian Way, Turkey
Michael Pop
Evening on "the bottom" of the dried-out end of lake Bicaz
Tibor Illes
Greek Catholic church wedding
Willy Kaemena
Old Lisbon
Richard Chesher
Lifou Island Tour Chapelle d'Easo New Caledonia
The 19th Jimbocho Book Festival
Ivan Petrov
Знаменская башня
Шубкин Сергей
Свято-Введенский Толгский женский монастырь
Levent ŞEN
Historic Harbor - 1
Steven dosRemedios
Eureka Zeppelin Airship Interior
Andrea Biffi
Castello Cova a Milano
kalaya dilok
Wat Khlong Rua - Ubosot
Kostya Dmitriev
Khotin Fortress Courtyard
Alexander Adashkevich
Piously-Ekaterina's monastery. May 2011.
Alexander Adashkevich
Pond in Sukhanovo. Washed away dam. May 2013.
Alexander Adashkevich
Tank T-55 in Victory Park. Podolsk, May 2013.
Александр Адашкевич
Manor Ostafyevo, view to pond from opposite coast. May 2011.
Alexander Adashkevich
Moscow paleontological museum, hall 4-2.
Alexander Adashkevich
Monument to PEMZ workers, who not came back from WW2. June 2012.
Alexander Adashkevich
Park near Chernevskiy small ponds, South Butovo, Moscow, Russia.
Alexander Adashkevich
Moscow paleontological museum, hall 6.
Александр Адашкевич
Monument to the Lejb-guards Lithuanian regiment. May 2011.
Alexander Adashkevich
Усадьба Остафьево, памятник князю Вяземскому. Май 2011.
Alexander Adashkevich
Chernevsky pond in South Butovo, Moscow. October 2010.
Alexander Adashkevich
Kemer, Turkey, fountain in park. September 2011.
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