The Mayan City State of Palenque
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The Mayan City State of Palenque

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No tripod nor monopod allowed inside the ancient ruins I was pleasantly surprised by my freehand approarch - this panorama still comes out satisfactorily.

The massive pyramid on the right is the Temples of Inscriptions where the remains of the Mayan King Pakal (799AD-?) was once housed - now his body with its much-ornated scrophagus the lid iconography of which depicting what one would interpret as a kind of outer-space travel is now housed in the more modern museum near the entrance.

The unmistakable Tower (Torre) jutting out from the walled building on an elevated platform on the left is where the Palace group is - a maze of interconnecting corridors and rooms that probably serves both administraive and residential purposes.

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A: The Palace of Palenque

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The Palace of Palenque

B: View of Templo de las Inscriptiones Palenque

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View of Templo de las Inscriptiones Palenque

C: Palenque Ruins

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D: At the Palace in Palenque

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F: At the Palace in Palenque

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At the Palace in Palenque

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Palenque Ruins 02

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A courtyard in the palace (El Palacio) in the ruins of Palenque.

Palenque El Palacio

J: Near the Juego de Pelota in Palenque

av Jose Luis Perez, 240 meter bort

Near the Juego de Pelota in Palenque

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Text by Steve Smith.

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