Wandering around in Lisbon 4
Lisbon is a beautiful city, full of narrow winding streets, cobblestones, trams, alleyways, restaurants with great fish, and of course the sea.
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    Jeffrey Martin
    Wandering around in Lisbon 5
    Jeffrey Martin
    Graffiti Sunset in Lisbon
    Juan Carlos M. Cancela
    Claustro de la Sé, Lisboa
    luis davilla
    pois cafe in lisbon
    Luis Filipe Azevedo
    Sé de Lisboa
    Jeffrey Martin
    Wandering around in Lisbon 6
    Marco Calado
    Lisbon Roman Theater Museum - Celeiro da Mitra
    Marco Calado
    Lisbon Roman Theater Museum
    Willy Kaemena
    Reto Scherraus Office
    Willy Kaemena
    Old Lisbon
    Willy Kaemena
    Lisbon typical bar
    Jeffrey Martin
    Wandering around in Lisbon 7
    Jean-Pierre Lavoie
    Municipal assembly at Montreal City Hall
    Willy Kaemena
    Tween Decks Passengers
    Jean-Pierre Lavoie
    Farewell in Montreal Nord
    Thomas Krueger
    Harbour of Framura
    Willy Kaemena
    Immigration Ellis Island
    Willy Kaemena
    Gallery of 7 Millions
    Carlos Chegado
    Dolce Vita Antas Shopping Center Zara
    Alessandro Ugazio
    Alghero, Bastioni Marco Polo al tramonto
    dieter kik
    Quimper Pont Ste Catherine
    Jan Koehn
    St. Michaelis Church 1
    Igor Kristov
    Colosseum at dusk
    T. Emrich
    Kitchenparty at "Der Alpenhof"
    Jeffrey Martin
    The old falling down mill house in Okor - 7
    Jeffrey Martin
    Letni Letna 2007
    Jeffrey Martin
    Regensburg, Germany 1
    Jeffrey Martin
    Bedroom 7 - Hacienda la Magdalena Hotel and Spa 11
    Jeffrey Martin
    Tomales Bay Oyster Company 3
    Jeffrey Martin
    Hospital of Saint Charles of Boromej
    Jeffrey Martin
    Cesky Krumlov 96r
    Jeffrey Martin
    Tequila Streets 0954
    Jeffrey Martin
    On the rocks at the beach in Gillson Park
    Jeffrey Martin
    Metro - Vltavska
    Jeffrey Martin
    Sapa Prague - The Gigantic Vietnamese Walled City - 2
    Jeffrey Martin
    Drinking a Pint at the Leicester Arms, Soho
    Mer om Lisbon

    Capital, largest, and wealthiest city in Portugal and one of the leading economic centers on the Iberian Peninsula. Although located in the westernmost corner of Europe, the city is firmly embedded in the European Union, hosting a couple of EU agencies. Visit Baixa, the downtown city center and Alfama, the oldest district in the city or just chill out in one of Lisbon’s memorable parks – Parque Florestal de Monsanto, one of Europe’s largest urban parks or Parque Eduardo Vll, off the main drag. Last but not least, Lisbon plays host each September to the Lisbon Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Queer Lisboa.