Noumea Hotels New Caledonia le Groupe La Promenade (Simple view)

  • G L P Hotels 109, Promenade Roger Laroque BP 8142 - 98807 Nouméa - New Caledonia

  • 24/7

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  • +687 24 46 01
Groupe La Promenade Hotels is an association of 6 Noumea Hotels with rooms suitable for every travel plan from budget to 4 star luxury, business to honeymoon, individual traveller to families and groups. Choose from 16 different room styles: A luxury overwater bungalow or garden bungalow at l'Escapade Island Resort on Ilot Maitre**** - perfect for romance. A huge Best Western Premier apartment (studio, 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms) at La Promenade Hotel**...<a href="#" onclick="jQuery(&#x27;#inline_truncate_1418964254_6779_1&#x27;).toggle(&#x27;fast&#x27;);jQuery(&#x27;#inline_truncate_1418964254_6779_2&#x27;).toggle(&#x27;fast&#x27;);return false;">(more)</a>
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