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110807 Lafayette Reservoir Recreation Area

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This panorama was shot just as the sun went down on August 7, 2011. Lafayette Reservoir Recreation Area, located in Lafayette, California is a day-use that is open every day of the year for hiking, running, picnicking, fishing, and boating. They have rental boats and allow non-gasoline boats to be launched. They allow roller blades, scooters, and bicycles on a limited basis.

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A: Lafayette Reservoir

摄影师Devlin Francis, 距离此处340远

Lafayette Recreation Area is an all-year day-use area ideal for hiking, jogging, fishing, boating and...

Lafayette Reservoir

B: Grizly peak 1

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Grizly peak 1

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Grizley Peak 2

D: Transit Village Walkway West

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Transit Village Walkway East

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Transit Village Town Square

I: Transit Village Pool

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Transit Village Pool

J: Transit Village Jones and Treat

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Transit Village Jones and Treat

此全景拍摄于The Bay Area

这是一个概述The Bay Area

The Bay Area is renowned for its natural beauty, affluence, diversity, and progressive thinking new age reputation. Lots of ammenities, tours and hotels can be found all around the area.

San Francisco is the cultural and financial center of the Bay Area, and has the second highest population density of any major city in North America after New York City. It is also a major tourist destination, and transport and accommodation is plentiful, ranging from luxury hotels to cheap accommodation.

San Jose is the largest city in terms of population, land area, and industrial development, and is the center of Silicon Valley, a well-known high technology region. Oakland is a major manufacturing and distribution center, rail terminus/hub, and has the fourth largest container shipping port in the United States.

Largely because of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the Bay Area presently ranks second only to the much larger New York City region in number of Fortune 500 company headquarters (April 2010 Fortune Magazine). 

source: wikipedia