2013 08 12 Timberview
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2013 08 12 Timberview

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Sunset at the Timberview Lodge overlooking the Black River Valley from the western edge of the Tug Hill Plateau. The river valley marks the boundary between the sedimentary geology of the Great Lakes Region and the exposure of the crystalline basement rock of the Adirondack Mountains.

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A: Snowridge

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景3.1

On the hill at the Snowridge Ski Resort. In the summertime Snowridge sponsors music festivals, partic...


B: 2013 08 11 Moe Day Pan4 2613 600

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景3.1

The day set with moe. at moedown 14, an annual upstate NY party weekend.  View from the top of the hi...

2013 08 11 Moe Day Pan4 2613 600

C: moe.down 10

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景3.1

The band moe. performing at moe.down 10, the 10th annual moe.down festival in upstate NY. This 3 day ...

moe.down 10

D: moe.down 9

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景3.1

On the dance floor at the 9th annual moe.down music festival.  Yearly get-toghether of fans of the ba...

moe.down 9

E: 2013 08 11 Md14nite Pan1

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景3.3

The night set with moe. at moedown 14, an annual upstate NY party weekend.  View from halfway up the ...

2013 08 11 Md14nite Pan1

F: 2013 08 11 Moe Day Pan1 2613 900

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景3.4

The day set with moe. at moedown 14, an annual upstate NY party weekend.  Great weather this year, su...

2013 08 11 Moe Day Pan1 2613 900

G: 2013 08 10 Deerlickrock Pan1 2613 1150

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景7.5

On the top of Deer Lick Rock, a geological formation in upstate NY. Deer Lick Rock rises 100 feet ove...

2013 08 10 Deerlickrock Pan1 2613 1150

H: Whittaker Falls New York

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景8.6

Whittaker falls on Roaring Brook in upstate New York. Water is falling over limestone in the Trenton ...

Whittaker Falls New York

I: Lyons Falls

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景8.9

View of paper mill from across the Black River. The mill is no longer operational, but the hydroelect...

Lyons Falls

J: 2013 08 12 Pixleyfalls

摄影师Pete Babij, 距离此全景30.1

Pixley Falls on the Lansing Kill. Waterfalls in Upstate New York, and in general, form where a layer ...

2013 08 12 Pixleyfalls



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