Aarhus Theatre at Bispetorv
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Aarhus Theatre at Bispetorv

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A: Aarhus Cathedral at Bispetorv

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处40远

Aarhus Cathedral at Bispetorv

B: Store Torv in Aarhus

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处130远

Store Torv in Aarhus

C: Clemens Bridge

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处130远

Clemens Bridge is part of the main pedestrian street going from Bispetorv to the main railway station...

Clemens Bridge

D: Aaboulevarden - walkway over Aarhua Aa

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处170远

I the old days the stream, Aarhus Aa, was a livng part of the town. But with the increasing car trafi...

Aaboulevarden - walkway over Aarhua Aa

E: Vadestedet - The Crossing Point at Aarhus Stream

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处220远

Vadestedet means the ford or the wade - and has for centuries been the crossing point at the small ri...

Vadestedet - The Crossing Point at Aarhus Stream

F: Pustervig Square

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处240远

Pustervig Square

G: Madam Sculpture at Pustervig Square

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处260远

This sculpture by Christian Lemmertz is a variation over the classic Hermes figure with the Dionysos ...

Madam Sculpture at Pustervig Square

H: The Hippopotamus in Frederiksgade

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处320远

Frederiksgade is a pedestrian street going from Vadestedet to the City Hall square. The sculpture "Fl...

The Hippopotamus in Frederiksgade

I: Baghuset, 2004

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处330远

Baghuset, 2004

J: Klostertorv

摄影师Flemming V. Larsen, 距离此处370远




Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark - situated on the eastcoast of Jutland - surrounded by old forests to the north and south and newer one in the west and the bay, Arhus Bugten, with a busy harbour and lovely beaches to the east.

A big university  and more than 20 other educational and research institutions resulting in almost every fifth of the inhabitants being students makes Aarhus a young and lively city.

You find a lot of cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. in the center.  And a rich variety cultural institions like theaters, music halls, galleries and museum. Year around there are many events, concerts and festivals - Aarhus (Festuge) Festival  in the first week of september is among the largest cultural events in Scandinavia and showcases both local, national and international artists.

Aarhus is also and old city. People have been living here by the coast and the "river" Aarhus Aa for many centuries.

To sense the history you can go to Den Gamle By (The Old Town) and experience what it was like to live and work in a Danish market town in the old days - or you can go to the archaeological and ethnographic Moesgaard Museum.