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Aschau, the "Chain Path" - Über die Kette

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The „Chain Path“ was told to be the first route through the Prien Valley. In the 18./19. Century, it was reserved exclusively for the carriages belonging to the local ore mine, while for all other carriages, the road was closed with a chain at it’s highest point. According to traditions, a coachman with his cab and his six steeds lost their way and were cast into the deep. Another story tells of a dishonest iron works co-worker who was stealing ore and hiding it in the cave close to the road. One day, as he tried to take the ore back from the cave, he met a large black dog with fiery glowing eyes. This dog should haunt til today at midnight. Although the dog could not be seen by no one real, be aware!

No matter if the old story was true or not, the „Kette“ path is still there with the small chapel marking it’s highest point, where once the chain closed the road. The chapel was founded in 1913. Unfortunately, it has been in recent years repeatedly plagued by looters. The Chapel niche was found several times empty, the thieves took the Mary statue as well as the small black dog figure and the charming bell. 

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A: Aschau - Kettenschlucht by the Prien river

摄影师Alexander Jensko, 距离此处30远

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Aschau - Kettenschlucht by the Prien river

B: Frasdorf hut

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Frasdorf hut

C: Hirschenstein launch site

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Hirschenstein launch site


摄影师Heinz Kirschner, 距离此全景3.0

E: Kampenwand - Paragliding starting point

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Kampenwand - Paragliding starting point

F: Cow Paddock at SonnenAlm

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Cow Paddock at SonnenAlm

G: Kampenwand, upper funicular station

摄影师Alexander Jensko, 距离此全景3.4

Kampenwand, at the upper station of the Kampenwandbahn cable car.

Kampenwand, upper funicular station

H: Staffelstein

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摄影师Heinz Kirschner, 距离此全景3.6


摄影师Heinz Kirschner, 距离此全景3.6




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