Bâlea Lake
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Bâlea Lake

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Balea Lake is a glacial lake (formed in a cirque) located at an altitude of 2.040m, the Fagaras Mountains, on the border of Arges and Sibiu.

Lake dimensions are 360 m in length, area of 46,508 square meters and a depth of 11.35 m.

At Balea Lake can be reached by car in summer, the Transfagarasan, and for the rest of the cable car, the cottage "Balea Cascada. Fagaras Mountains and lakes also was Capra, Podragu Mic, Podragu Mare, Avrig, Urlea, etc..

In 2006 was built near Lake Balea the first ice hotel in Eastern Europe.

An area of about 180 hectares around the lake Balea was declared scientific reserve since 1932, which houses many plants (including the edelweiss - Leontopodium Alpinum, bulbucii - Trollius europaeus, vortex Earth - Pedirularis Oederi) and protected the animals (goat Black - Rupicapra Rupicapra, lynx, golden eagle).

A mountaintop lake and a landscape that gives you a feeling of tranquility, away from bustling cities, will convinced you to go on Transfaragasan.

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A: Balea Lake

摄影师Adi Mera, 距离此处50远

Balea Lake

B: Balea Lac

摄影师Neculai Gabriel, 距离此处80远

Balea Lac

C: Balea Ice Church

摄影师Eugen Festeu, 距离此处110远

The church is raised here every year using blocks of ice and every year thousands are visiting it. Th...

Balea Ice Church

D: Balea Ice Hotel

摄影师Eugen Festeu, 距离此处110远

The Ice hotel is build here every year close to Balea Lake. All you need is an extra blanket and some...

Balea Ice Hotel

E: Balea Lake

摄影师Eugen Festeu, 距离此处180远

Balea Lake

F: Transfagarasan Road

摄影师Adi Mera, 距离此处200远

Transfagarasan Road

G: The Transfagarsan and the Balea Lake

摄影师Michael Pop, 距离此处230远

The Transfagarsan and the Balea Lake

H: Transfagarasean

摄影师Neculai Gabriel, 距离此处330远


I: Balea Creek and the Transfagarasan

摄影师Michael Pop, 距离此处820远

Balea Creek and the Transfagarasan

J: Transfagarasan Road

摄影师Lajos Kovacs, 距离此处830远

Transfagarasan Road



This county has a total area of 6,862 km². The relief can be split into 3 distinctive parts. In the north side there are the mountains, from the Southern Carpathians group - the Făgăraş Mountains with Moldoveanu Peak (2,544 m), Negoiu Peak (2,535 m) and Vanatoarea lui Buteanu peak (2,508 m) towering the region, and in the North-East part the Leaotă Mountains. Between them there is a pass towards Braşov, the Rucăr-Bran Passage. The heights decrease, and in the center there are the sub-carpathian hills, with heights around 800 m, crossed with very deep valleys. In the south there is the northern part of the Romanian Plain.

The main river that crosses the county is the Argeş River in which almost all the other rivers coming from the mountains flow. In the south the main rivers are the Vedea River and the Teleorman River.