Black Hole Drop: Trunk Passage
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Black Hole Drop: Trunk Passage

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Black Hole Drop is a sinkhole within Cayo District, Belize. The sinkhole is said to be about 300' deep and approximately 300' in circumference.  You rappel in. It is an image of the entrance to the trunk passage at the bottom of the sinkhole itself. The scale is deceptive. You could easily fit a group of 20 in the top of the boulder at the bottom right of the cave passage. Definately worth a visit to this place. I'll be back.

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A: Black Hole Drop

摄影师Benedict Kim, 距离此处40远

Here's the bottom of Black Hole Drop from near where you land from the rappel. It's about a 300' rapp...

Black Hole Drop

B: Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

摄影师Benedict Kim, 距离此全景5.2

This is probably one of my favorite places in Belize. The lodge is nestled by a clean running river u...

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

C: Midnight Terror Cave Entrance

摄影师Benedict Kim, 距离此全景6.5

Midnight Terror Cave came into the public eye after a grave robber miss a step and plummeted 30-40 fe...

Midnight Terror Cave Entrance

D: Thousand Foot Falls - Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve

摄影师Jan Vrsinsky, 距离此全景16.7

Thousand Foot Falls - Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve

E: Thousand Foot Falls

摄影师Benedict Kim, 距离此全景16.7

Thousand Foot Falls is actually about 1,400' falls altogether hurdling itself into a deep gorge from ...

Thousand Foot Falls

F: Thousand Foot Falls - Stairs

摄影师Jan Vrsinsky, 距离此全景16.7

Thousand Foot Falls - Stairs

G: Butterfly Falls

摄影师Benedict Kim, 距离此全景18.5

Butterfly Falls is one of the many tucked away cascades and falls on on top of Pine Ridge, Cayo Distr...

Butterfly Falls

H: Rio on pools, Belize

摄影师Liquid Jungle Media, 距离此全景28.0

Rio on pools, Belize

I: Big Rock Falls

摄影师Benedict Kim, 距离此全景30.2

Big Rock Falls is a an 80' tall waterfall into a nice deep plunge pool. It's accessed through a trail...

Big Rock Falls

J: Mountain Pine Ridge National Park 1

摄影师Jan Vrsinsky, 距离此全景31.9

(taken in 2008)

Mountain Pine Ridge National Park 1

此全景拍摄于Belize, Central America

这是一个概述Central America

Recently Central America covers 7 countries between North and South America.  Guatemala,Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá.