Borchgrevink's huts at Cape Adare
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Borchgrevink's huts at Cape Adare

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Carsten Borchgrevink was one of the first men to set foot on the Antarctic continent in 1895 (perhaps the first, depending on who you believe). He, along with nine others, returned to Cape Adare in 1899 to become the first people to spend a winter in Antarctica in his Southern Cross expedition. These two huts of his are the oldest buildings in Antarctica. In the east-north-east lies the ruins of Scott's northern party's huts. The huts are surrounded by a large colony of Adéle penguins.

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A: Borchgrevink's huts at Cape Adare (rear)

摄影师Hoylen Sue, 距离此处30远

The back of Borchgrevink's huts at Cape Adare. Borchgrevink's party of 10 men errected these two huts...

Borchgrevink's huts at Cape Adare (rear)

B: Cape Adare near huts

摄影师Hoylen Sue, 距离此处90远

The historical huts area at Cape Adare is surrounded by a huge Adélie penguin colony.

Cape Adare near huts

C: Shackleton's Nimrod hut

摄影师Hoylen Sue, 距离此全景704.4

This hut was errected in February 1908 as the base for Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod expedition. Fifteen...

Shackleton's Nimrod hut

D: Lake at Cape Evans

摄影师Hoylen Sue, 距离此全景712.2

Ice clutches to the edge of a lake while steam rises from the volcano of Mt Erebus. It is a bright su...

Lake at Cape Evans

E: Scott's Terra Nova hut

摄影师Hoylen Sue, 距离此全景712.2

This hut was erected in January 1911 as the base for Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova expedition. Sco...

Scott's Terra Nova hut

F: Weather station at Cape Evans

摄影师Hoylen Sue, 距离此全景712.3

This is an old weather station (towards the west) on Cape Evans. Antarctica has extreme weather: it i...

Weather station at Cape Evans

G: Scott Hut

摄影师DJ Jennings, 距离此全景734.2

This is a viewpoint from inside Scott's Hut, on the edge of McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Built in 191...

Scott Hut

H: Black Island Communications Facility, Ross Sea, Antarctica

摄影师DJ Jennings, 距离此全景734.6

A midwinter trip to visit in 2010 to perform maintenance at the Black Island Communication Facility, ...

Black Island Communications Facility, Ross Sea, Antarctica

I: Mawsons Room, Mawson's Huts, Cape Denison, Antarctica.

摄影师Peter Morse, 距离此全景1,176.0

The interior of Douglas Mawson's room, Mawson's Huts. This was Mawson's private room during the 1911-...

Mawsons Room, Mawson's Huts, Cape Denison, Antarctica.

J: Frank Hurley's Darkroom, Mawson's Huts, Antarctica

摄影师Peter Morse, 距离此全景1,176.0

The darkroom of Frank Hurley, photographer to Sir Douglas Mawson's 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Exp...

Frank Hurley's Darkroom, Mawson's Huts, Antarctica

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