Bridge Behind Amphitheater

During the Chautauqua season, lectures are given each day from the stage of the Amphitheater.  In addition, the Chautauqua Symphony plays concerts several times a week.  The back of the Amphitheater was remodeled in 1909 to accomodate the Massey Organ.  The hall seats approximately 5000.  The Athenaeum Hotel can be seen across the bridge and the Aldine is toward the lake.

Copyright: David Mariotti
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13912x6956
Taken: 18/12/2010
上传: 26/12/2010
更新: 28/08/2014


Tags: chautauqua; amphitheater; athenaeum hotel
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David Mariotti
Massey Organ, Pipe Chamber, View 1
David Mariotti
Massey Organ, Pipe Chamber, View 2
David Mariotti
Massey Organ, Beneath the Pipe Chamber
David Mariotti
Massey Organ, Pipe Chamber, View 3
David Mariotti
Massey Memorial Organ, Dedication Plaque
David Mariotti
Three Taps Of The Gavel
David Mariotti
Massey Organ, from Choir Loft
David Mariotti
Snow Drifts in the Amphitheater
David Mariotti
Amphitheater at Chautauqua, New York
David Mariotti
Painting Amphitheater Ceiling
David Mariotti
Athenaeum Sidewalk
David Mariotti
Athenaeum Hotel at Chautauqua, New York
Marek Koszorek
Man-o-War Cove
Adam Ciarcinski
Szczecin Underground
100 Joe Kanon (1000 feet Guanyin)
Martin Banks
Mount Klimajaro Uhuru Peak
Marcio Cabral
Captain Don's dive point
Dmitriy (dimfoto)
Nadvratnay hram
Lefteris Eleftheriou
scene from protest in Athens
David Rowley
Old Ghan Train
Visionaire threesixty
fire painting
Thomas Schubert
Liebfrauenkirche, Langewiesen - in the organ chamber, Thuringia, Germany
Malinnikov Ruslan
Old power substation in Pusha Vodica (1935)
Alexander Adashkevich
Sukhanovo, Arbor «the Temple of Venus». May 2011.
David Mariotti
Chautauqua Art Studio, Table
David Mariotti
Buffalo City Hall, Observation Deck 2
David Mariotti
Arcus Depot 2
David Mariotti
Lewiston Peace Garden 1
David Mariotti
Guardian Building, Main Lobby
David Mariotti
Erie Canal in Winter, Lock 34
David Mariotti
Salt Storage
David Mariotti
Kalamazoo Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra
David Mariotti
Railroad Viaduct
David Mariotti
Joe Louis Memorial, Detroit
David Mariotti
James Garfield Monument, Observation Balcony
David Mariotti
Occupy Detroit 1
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