Copyright: Daniel Christaldi
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
上传: 03/12/2012
更新: 02/09/2014


Tags: barbados; caribbean; island; city; boardwalk; paliment buildings; cruise boats
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Daniel Christaldi
Parliament building, Bridgetown
Daniel Christaldi
Barbados Parliament 375th anniversary
Daniel Christaldi
Boardwalk in Bridgetown
Daniel Christaldi
Swing Bridge in Bridgetown
Daniel Christaldi
Wharf Road early morning
Daniel Christaldi
Bridgetown behind Cave Shepherd
Daniel Christaldi
Independence square 1
Daniel Christaldi
Central Bank
Daniel Christaldi
Central Bank - under tree
Daniel Christaldi
Screw Dock
Daniel Christaldi
Blackwoods Bar and Cafe
Daniel Christaldi
Screw Dock - entrance
Özgür Örsoğlu
Eski Ankara Manzarası
岡田 茂
KABUKIZA 2010 New Year
Mario Caviedes Castrillo
Vlladolid pleace in plaza de España Seville, Spain
Daniel da Costa Gomes Martins
Rua Grande - São Luís (MA)
David Lopes
St. Rita in Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil
Dan Reppert
Punta Cana Beach at Night
Martin Broomfield
Anak Krakatoa Eruption, Sunda Strait West Java
Shigeru OKADA
Akihabara Electric Town
Thomas Krueger
Triora - Grotta della Madonna di Lourdes
Matt Mascheri
USS KIDD moored in the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Maurizio Romano
The long pier
Laurent Egli
Phi Phi Lay, Pileh Lagoon, Thailand
Daniel Christaldi
Helicopter over Grand Canyon (Flight Simulator computer graphics)
Daniel Christaldi
Roasted corn on the highway
Daniel Christaldi
Coconut Venders On Highway
Daniel Christaldi
Caprice Villa
Daniel Christaldi
Long Pond
Daniel Christaldi
Royal Westmoreland golf
Daniel Christaldi
The Gourmet Shop - Holetown
Daniel Christaldi
Content classic car revival 2014 - Porsche
Daniel Christaldi
Skeetes Bay (end of pier)
Daniel Christaldi
Top Gear at Bushy Park Barbados 2014 2
Daniel Christaldi
Animal Flower cave 3
Daniel Christaldi
Camouflage (MS Flight Simulator computer graphics)
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