Marysville after Black Saturday

Marysville is a small old town with a population of approximately 500, 99km north east of Melbourne. The town was surveyed in 1864 and had become a tourist attraction with cafes, craft shops, restaurants and galleries. During the summer months Marysville attracted many couples on their honeymoon, motorcyclists, bushwalkers and people escaping the city for weekend trips. During the winter months tourist numbers peaked during the snow season with visitors of the nearby snow fields.

On Black Saturday 7th February 2009, the town was devastated by bushfires which killed 45 residents and destroyed about 90% of its buildings. The panorama shows the town 2 months after the fires with the first signs of plant regrowth and disaster recovery.

Copyright: Klaus mayer
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
上传: 20/04/2009
更新: 08/04/2012


Tags: marysville; bushfire; wildfire; destruction; victoria; australia; natural disaster; bushfire recovery
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