Canberra - Commonwealth Place Walkway
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Canberra - Commonwealth Place Walkway

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Walkway that links Commonwealth Place to Reconciliation Place in the Parliamentary Zone. The north-east end of the walkway opens up a view towards the War Memorial and Mt Ainslie behind it, and the other end points straight towards the flagpole of Parliament House.

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A: Canberra - Commonwealth Place Flags

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Lines of international flags at Commonwealth Place on the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin, Canb...

Canberra - Commonwealth Place Flags

B: Canberra - Reconciliation Place Artwork

摄影师Unkle Kennykoala, 距离此处170远

One of the Reconciliation Place artworks standing near the National Portrait Gallery and the High Cou...

Canberra - Reconciliation Place Artwork

C: Canberra - Canberra Peace Park in Autumn

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Some nice autumn colours in the late afternoon at Canberra Peace Park which is an area sandwiched bet...

Canberra - Canberra Peace Park in Autumn

D: Canberra - National Library of Australia

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National Library of Australia, front entrance.

Canberra - National Library of Australia

E: Canberra - National Rose Garden

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National Rose Garden in Parkes, right near Old Parliament House.

Canberra - National Rose Garden

F: Old Parliament House

摄影师Klaus Mayer, 距离此处550远

Old Parliament House opened in 1927 and served as the home of Federal Parliament until 1988.

Old Parliament House

G: Canberra - Carillon At Dusk

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The National Carillon stands on Aspen Island, located in Lake Burley Griffin.

Canberra - Carillon At Dusk

H: Canberra - Senate Garden at Old Parliament House

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Senate Rose Garden, located on the eastern side of Old Parliament House. It is one of several gardens...

Canberra - Senate Garden at Old Parliament House

I: Canberra - The National Carillon illuminated

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The National Carillon stands on Aspen Island, located in Lake Burley Griffin. At night the lights com...

Canberra - The National Carillon illuminated

J: Canberra - Regatta Point Sunset

摄影师Unkle Kennykoala, 距离此处770远

Sunset over Commonwealth Bridge, seen from Regatta Point, Commonwealth Park.The large flagpole in the...

Canberra - Regatta Point Sunset



There are no kangaroos in Austria.

We're talking about Australia, the world's smallest continent. That being cleared up, let's dive right in!

Australia is a sovereign state under the Commonwealth of Nations, which is in turn overseen by Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth.

The continent was first sighted and charted by the Dutch in 1606. Captain James Cook of Britain came along in the next century to claim it for Britain and name it "New South Wales." Shortly thereafter it was declared to be a penal colony full of nothing but criminals and convicts, giving it the crap reputation you may have heard at your last cocktail party.

This rumor ignores 40,000 years of pre-European human history, especially the Aboriginal concept of Dreamtime, an interesting explanation of physical and spiritual reality.

The two biggest cities in Australia are Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney is more for business, Melbourne for arts. But that's painting in very broad strokes. Take a whirl around the panoramas to see for yourself!

Text by Steve Smith.