Conwy suspension bridge (in the middle)
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Conwy suspension bridge (in the middle)

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Walking away from the castle to the middle of the bridge. From here you can see the chain links of the suspension chains even better. The grey metal tunnel/bridge to the south is the train bridge (which hasn't improved the views from the bridge/castle in any way). To the north just under the bridge where the yellow van is parked you can catch a glimpse of the Ormes head, a huge rock just behind Llandudno. To the west you can see Conwy castle again

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A: Conwy Suspension Bridge

摄影师Pawel Rozenek, 距离此处10远

Conwy Suspension Bridge.More amazing panoramas athttp://www.rozenek.comThank you!

Conwy Suspension Bridge

B: Conwy castle old suspension bridge

摄影师Bernd Kronmueller, 距离此处50远

A lot of people come to visit the castle in Conwy. Not so many actually take the little path which le...

Conwy castle old suspension bridge

C: Conwy Castle

摄影师Adam Shomsky, 距离此处140远

The ruins of Conwy Castle in Conwy, Wales.  This parnorama was taken August 19, 2007 with a Canon 350...

Conwy Castle

D: Conwy, on the old town wall

摄影师Bernd Kronmueller, 距离此处440远

Conwy, on the old town wall

E: Rear of Conwy Mountain

摄影师Roger, 距离此全景1.5

Rear of Conwy Mountain

F: View from Conwy Mountain

摄影师Roger, 距离此全景1.5

View from Conwy Mountain

View from Conwy Mountain

G: Conwy Marina

摄影师Roger, 距离此全景1.6

Conwy Marina, Wales

Conwy Marina

H: Conwy Mountain

摄影师Roger, 距离此全景1.7

Conwy Mountain

I: Caerseion

摄影师Darren Roberts, 距离此全景2.4


J: Pd1 Small

摄影师Darren Roberts, 距离此全景2.4

Pd1 Small



Wales (Cymru in the Welsh language) is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  The major cities are Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and Bangor.  The city of St. Davids is the smallest city in the UK with a population around 2000.  Wales itself has a population of around 3 million.  The Welsh language is spoken by around 20% of the population.