Dinkelsbuehl Koppengasse
Copyright: Olaf Nitz
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7240x3620
上传: 07/09/2010
更新: 24/09/2014


Tags: germany; deutschland; bayern; dinkelsbühl; nitz; romantische strasse; rothenburg ob der tauber
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Olaf Nitz
Dinkelsbühl Steingasse
Dinkelsbühl - Steingasse
Olaf Nitz
Dinkelsbuehl Steingasse
Olaf Nitz
Dinkelsbuehl Segringer Str
Dinkelsbühl - Rathaus
Olaf Nitz
Dinkelsbuehl Bauhofstrasse
Dinkelsbühl - Altstadt Segringer Strasse
Olaf Nitz
Dinkelsbuehl Schrannengasse
Dinkelsbühl - Dr Martin Luther Strasse
Olaf Nitz
Dinkelsbuehl Elsasser Gasse
Olaf Nitz
Dinkelsbuehl Untere Schmiedgasse
Olaf Nitz
Dinkelsbuehl Marktplatz
Pietrosu Peak, Rodna Mountains, Romania
Tibor Illes
M3 Archeopark - new palaeolithic house
Stefan Geens
Cho Vuon Chuoi market, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Fariborz Alagheband
Khajo Bridge
Hall of Ambassadors, Alcazar of Sevilla
Jedsada Puangsaichai
Wat Yannawa, Top of Boat Vihara, Bangkok
Jiri Vambera
Prunerov powerplant
Martin Broomfield
View from Pacific Place Jakarta Indonesia
dieter kik
Vertou Moulin Gautron V2
Julio Rosquete
Teide Tenerife 2009 12 12 Juliorosq
Vasily Kumaev & Andrew Mishin
Mashkobo. Rural life (2009)
Udo D
Missile and Space Gallery
Olaf Nitz
Girod Kapelle
Olaf Nitz
Koblenz Florins Kirche
Olaf Nitz
Abtei Marienstatt
Olaf Nitz
Limburger Dom
Olaf Nitz
Deutsches Eck 2
Olaf Nitz
Museum Helferskirchen 1
Olaf Nitz
Limburger Dom - Alte Kapelle
Olaf Nitz
Passau Veste Oberhaus
Olaf Nitz
Limburger Dom 1
Olaf Nitz
Limburg Lahnbrücke
Olaf Nitz
Passau Kloster Mariahilf
Olaf Nitz
Koblenz Altstadt
More About Franconia

Wikipedia: Franconia (German: Franken) is a region of Germany comprising the northern parts of the modern state of Bavaria, a small part of southern Thuringia, and a region in northeastern Baden-Württemberg called Heilbronn-Franken. The Bavarian part is made up of the administrative regions of Lower Franconia (Unterfranken), Middle Franconia (Mittelfranken), and Upper Franconia (Oberfranken).Franconia (like France) is named after the Germanic tribe of the Franks. This tribe played a major role after the breakdown of the Roman Empire and colonised large parts of medieval Europe.Modern day Franconia comprises only a very tiny and rather remote part of the settlement area of the ancient Franks. In German, Franken is used for both modern day Franconians and the historic Franks, which leads to some confusion. The historic Frankish Empire, Francia, is actually the common precursor of the Low Countries, France and Germany. In 843 the Treaty of Verdun led to the partition of Francia into West Francia (modern day France), Middle Francia (from the Low Countries along the Rhine valley to northern Italy) and East Francia (modern day Germany). Frankreich, the German word for "France", and Frankrijk, the Dutch word for "France"; literally mean "the Frankish Empire".