Great Europa Point
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Great Europa Point


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Europa Point, also called Great Europa Point, is the southernmost point of Gibraltar. At the end of the Rock of Gibraltar, the area is flat and occupied by such features as a playing field and a few buildings. On a clear day, views of North Africa can be appreciated across the Strait of Gibraltar including Ceuta and the Rif Mountains of Morocco; as well as the Bay of Gibraltar and the Spanish towns along its shores.

There are three notable buildings, the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque, the Roman Catholic shrine of Our Lady of Europe, and a lighthouse.

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A: Lighthouse at Europa Point

摄影师Jan Koehn, 距离此处150远

The lighthouse was built by Governor Sir Alexander Woodford between 1838 and 1841. It was fully autom...

Lighthouse at Europa Point

B: gibraltar

摄影师lukasz, 距离此处160远



C: Gibraltar Barbary Macaque, Upper Rock Nature Reserve, Gibraltar

摄影师Assaf Spiegler, 距离此全景2.6

Gibraltar Barbary Macaque, Upper Rock Nature Reserve, Gibraltar

D: The Rock

摄影师Crafty Pip, 距离此全景3.8

Panoramic view from the Moors Castle of Gibraltar taking in La Linea, Gibraltar airport , the Bay of ...

The Rock

E: Gibraltar Viewpoint 02

摄影师Jan Koehn, 距离此全景4.0

Gibraltar Viewpoint 02

F: Sports Hall Body Painting Panorama

摄影师Lag Pres, 距离此全景4.4

Sports Hall Body Painting Panorama

G: Sports Hall Body Painting 12 Panorama

摄影师Lag Pres, 距离此全景4.4

Sports Hall Body Painting 12 Panorama

H: Strait From Gibreltar 360

摄影师Ismael Sbihi, 距离此全景24.2

Strait From Gibreltar 360

I: Castillo de Tarifa2

摄影师Manolo Rubio, 距离此全景25.5

Castillo de Tarifa2

J: Castillo de Tarifa y Puerto

摄影师Manolo Rubio, 距离此全景25.5

Castillo de Tarifa y  Puerto



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