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Hörte hamn en liten gemytlig iskehamn på sydkusten med anor från vikingatiden. En hamn där alla kan stanna till, ta fram fikakoren och andas luft mättad av syre,känna saltstänk från det öppna havet. Läs mer på: http://www.hortehamn.se/

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A: Näsbyholmssjön

摄影师Jan Andersson, 距离此全景9.6

Den ursprungliga Näsbyholmssjön torrlades på 1860-talet. Den nya sjön är ca 45 hektar vilket mosvarar...


B: Näsbyholmssjön

摄影师Jan Andersson, 距离此全景10.7

Den ursprungliga Näsbyholmssjön torrlades på 1860-talet. Den nya sjön är ca 45 hektar vilket mosvarar...


C: Skåne lime kilns

摄影师Stefan Geens, 距离此全景12.3

Day 12: Fjällbacka to Ystad — "Wallander, we have a situation.""A situation?" He hated euphemisms. Th...

Skåne lime kilns

D: Smygehuk, the southernmost point of Sweden

摄影师Peter Steneld, 距离此全景12.9

Smygehuk is the southernmost point of Sweden. It is a small harbour and fishing village near Trellebo...

Smygehuk, the southernmost point of Sweden


摄影师Jan Andersson, 距离此全景13.0

Fiskeläget som utgör ursprunget har funnits här sedan 1600-talet.Här bodde 1877, 16 fiskare.1962 fann...

F: Svaneholms Slott

摄影师Jan Andersson, 距离此全景13.5

SVANEHOLM ligger ett par km nordväst om Skurup och hör till Skånes märkligaste slottsanläggningar. De...

Svaneholms Slott

G: Havgårdssjön

摄影师Jan Andersson, 距离此全景15.9

Havgårdssjön är en insjö i Svedala kommun. Den ligger 5 Km söder om Sturups flygplats. Sjöns yta är 5...


H: Börringesjön

摄影师Jan Andersson, 距离此全景18.4

I Börringesjön finns en hägerkoloni, och i omgivningarna har kungsörn häckat under de senare åren. Hö...


I: Forest

摄影师Jan Andersson, 距离此全景19.5

Close Bjorkesakrasjon, myckat beautiful nature and forest trails that are great to walk on. Located n...


J: Gislövs Läge, small marina outside Trelleborg

摄影师Jan Andersson, 距离此全景20.3

Gislövs position is part of the urban area Trelleborg Gislövs parish in the municipality of Trellebor...

Gislövs Läge, small marina outside Trelleborg

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Europe is generally agreed to be the birthplace of western culture, including such legendary innovations as the democratic nation-state, football and tomato sauce.

The word Europe comes from the Greek goddess Europa, who was kidnapped by Zeus and plunked down on the island of Crete. Europa gradually changed from referring to mainland Greece until it extended finally to include Norway and Russia.

Don't be confused that Europe is called a continent without looking like an island, the way the other continents do. It's okay. The Ural mountains have steadily been there to divide Europe from Asia for the last 250 million years. Russia technically inhabits "Eurasia".

Europe is presently uniting into one political and economic zone with a common currency called the Euro. The European Union originated in 1993 and is now composed of 27 member states. Its headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium.

Do not confuse the EU with the Council of Europe, which has 47 member states and dates to 1949. These two bodies share the same flag, national anthem, and mission of integrating Europe. The headquarters of the Council are located in Strasbourg, France, and it is most famous for its European Court of Human Rights.

In spite of these two bodies, there is still no single Constitution or set of laws applying to all the countries of Europe. Debate rages over the role of the EU in regards to national sovereignty. As of January 2009, the Lisbon Treaty is the closest thing to a European Constitution, yet it has not been approved by all the EU states. 

Text by Steve Smith.