Hoover Dam, Arizona - Nevada Border, USA
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Hoover Dam, Arizona - Nevada Border, USA

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Hoover Dam on the Colorado River forms the largest reservoir in United States in maximum water capacity, Lake Mead. Previously much of the traffic from Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada crossed the river on the road across the dam. But since the construction of the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (Colorado River Bridge), traffic over the dam has been limited. The bridge is 900 feet over the river. In this panorama you can see the Bridge, the top of the Dam and down into the Black Canyon to the River below the Dam. The Dam is 726.4 feet from the rock foundation to the roadway. The towers over the dam rise another 40 feet. The Dam is 1,244 feet across the top and 660 feet thick at the base. The Dam featured prominently in the 2007 Transformers movie called simply “Transformers.” The Dam was constructed between 1931 and 1936.

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A: Hoover Dam

摄影师Thomas Humeau, 距离此处20远

Hoover Dam on the lake side. The Hoover dam, on the colorado river is at the border between Arizona a...

Hoover Dam

B: Hoover Dam, Nevada USA

摄影师Jook Leung | 360VR Images, 距离此处20远

9 Am visit to Hoover Dam...before the tour buses arrive - on the Nevada side. Hoover Dam, originally ...

Hoover Dam, Nevada USA

C: Hoover Dam

摄影师Allan Der, 距离此处30远

Hoover Dam, aka. Boulder Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam in Black Canyon.

Hoover Dam

D: Hoover dam

摄影师Min Heo, 距离此处50远

Hoover Dam is a concrete dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S...

Hoover dam

E: Hoover Dam

摄影师Thomas Humeau, 距离此处80远

Hoover Dam on the lake side. The Hoover dam, on the colorado river is at the border between Arizona a...

Hoover Dam

G: Hoover Dam

摄影师Willy Kaemena, 距离此处90远

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

H: Hoover Dam Visitor Center

摄影师Allan Der, 距离此处100远

Hover dam was constructed 1931 to 1935, it was the greatest dam of its day. Built in Black Canyon bet...

Hoover Dam Visitor Center

I: Hoover Dam

摄影师Thomas Humeau, 距离此处100远

Hoover Dam on the lake side. The Hoover dam, on the colorado river is at the border between Arizona a...

Hoover Dam

J: Hoover Dam Observation Deck

摄影师Tanja Barnes, 距离此处100远

Hoover Dam Observation Deck

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