Inner Hypostyle Hall, Temple of Seti I, Abydos

A view from the inner hypostyle hall of the temple of Seti I at Abydos. This temple is perhaps my favorite in Egypt. No tourists, just acres of colorful murals and an imposing closed hypostyle hall with intact ceiling.

Copyright: Stefan geens
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 11714x5857
上传: 24/12/2008
更新: 01/04/2014


  • Elena_360Cities 6 months ago
    Hi Çicek, If you want this panorama, you can request a quote here: http://www.360cities.net/panorama-licensing Let me know if you have any further question. Cheers
  • çiçek kartal 6 months ago
    can you help me? ı want to this photo. my homework.
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