Kačická ulice
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Michal Kowalski
Kostel sv. Václava
Michal Kowalski
Kladno from Rozdělov Towers II
Michal Kowalski
Kladno from Rozdělov Towers
Michal Kowalski
Kladno from Rozdělov Towers III
Petr Surý
Rozdelov skyscrapers
Jiří Vestfál
Kladno - Rozdělov
Michal Kowalski
Kladno Rozdělov
Michal Kowalski
Tower in Rozdělov
Michal Kowalski
Aquapark Kladno
Michal Kowalski
Sletiště - athletic stadium
Michal Kowalski
Sletiště - athletic stadium II
Michal Kowalski
Sletiště - athletic stadium III
Tomek Zuk
Church in Zeliszow
"Sea Corps" Regatta. In the open sea
Vlad Rotmistroff
Spherical nodules
Pedro Menezes
Madeira Island - Funchal New Year's Fireworks 2012
kiyoharu takamura
Kibouhou in Yugawara
Marek Kocjan
Auschwitz - "ARBEIT MACHT FREI" - a bird's eye view
Jeff Fillmore
Master Gracey Laid To Rest
Rudolph Thomas
Bettys Bay Beautiful Sunrise Standing Next To Ocean
Cape Meganom. Evening meditation
omid jafarnezhad
*** Kakh Moze 40 Sotoon Esfahan ***
Ola Heloe
Oppkuven in Nordmarka
Michal Kowalski
Prague from Baba
Michal Kowalski
U Zlaté studně
Michal Kowalski
Michal Kowalski
Nuselská radnice
Michal Kowalski
Auraz castle 2
Michal Kowalski
Praha - Karlův most
Michal Kowalski
Lazany 2
Michal Kowalski
Praha - Central Archives and the Museum of the Hussite Church
Michal Kowalski
Stromovka park
Michal Kowalski
Crossroad in winter forrest
Michal Kowalski
Kladno - sky
Michal Kowalski
Chotkovy sady
More About Kladno

Kladno  is a city in the Central Bohemian Region  of the Czech Republic. It is located 25 km northwest of Prague. Kladno is the largest city of the region and holds a population together with its adjacent suburban areas of more than 110,000 people. The city is part of the Prague metropolitan area.The first written evidence of Kladno dates back to the 14th century. In 1561 the city rights were secured. Kladno was the historical birthplace of heavy industry in Bohemia. For years, the town was home to the Poldi steel factory, the region's largest employer. The factory still stands but has been divided into smaller entities after privatisation and changes in ownership. The mining industry began here in 1842. The proximity to Prague helped to keep the local economy stable in spite of the heavy industrial decline after the collapse of the communist regime.Source: Wikipedia