Kaufhof at S-city-leuchtet
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Kaufhof at S-city-leuchtet

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The 'Koenitstasse' between Kaufhof and Karstatt while 'S-city-leuchtet'
To bring more people to the long night of shoping they made the event 'S-city-leuchtet'. In this event there were some buildings (like the department store Kaufhof in this picture) illuminate with motives for the soccer worldcup.

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A: Koenigstrasse before christmas

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处10远

Koenigstrasse before christmas

B: Stuttgart Königstrasse

摄影师Florian Knorn, 距离此处30远

A beautiful spring day in downtown Stuttgart: Beginning of the "pedestrianised" Königstraße.

Stuttgart Königstrasse

C: mainstation at S-city-leuchtet

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处50远

mainstation at S-city-leuchtet

D: Koenigstasse at mainstation

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处60远

Koenigstasse at mainstation

E: Arnulf-Klett-Platz

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处150远


F: main station, 'Grosse Schalterhalle'

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处160远

main station, 'Grosse Schalterhalle'

G: mainstation, DB Reisezentrum

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处170远

mainstation, DB Reisezentrum

H: DB Lounge Stuttgart Hbf

摄影师Willy Kaemena, 距离此处170远

Wikipedia: "Als DB Lounge bezeichnet die Deutsche Bahn einen von der DB Fernverkehr AG betriebenen Wa...

DB Lounge Stuttgart Hbf

I: S-Bahn Station main station

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处180远

S-Bahn Station main station

J: ICE in the Stuttgart Train Station

摄影师Michael Pop, 距离此处180远

ICE in the Stuttgart Train Station



Stuttgart is the city between forests and vineyards. Stuttgart is domicile of important industrial concerns, venue of large sporting events and has many cultural facilities.