Kokshetau, Central Square
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Андрей Бодров
Administration of Akmola region
Андрей Бодров
The Palace of Culture "Kokshetau"
Андрей Бодров
Memorial to soldiers who died in WWII
Андрей Бодров
School Nr.5
Андрей Бодров
Bukpa hill
roman codavr
Боровое. По пути подъёма на 900м
Evgeniy Lyoshin
Beautiful Stone
roman codavr
Боровое. Северный жандарм хребта Синюхи. Высота 900м
Evgeniy Lyoshin
Swan Lake (озеро Лебяжье)
roman codavr
Боровое. Скала Лягушка
Evgeniy Lyoshin
Autumn Park
roman codavr
Боровое. Скала напротив Слона (не знаю названия)
Unkle Kennykoala
Canberra - Lake Ginninderra / John Knight Memorial Park
Marco den Herder
Eindhoven - Skating rink in the city centre (lights: Luminarie de Cagna)
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On top of a windmill
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Wiesbaden Igstadt Sunset
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Kirkstall Abbey 4
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Kyrgyzstan, Middle Tyan-Shan,Terskey, Archator, elevation 3920m
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Liberec - Mistrovsky Vrch Stairs at night
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Mesa Arch Sunrise
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Torino, piazza Palazzo di città
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Emir Zade Turkish Mosque
Ingo Tolks
Pizza is ready!
Andrew Bodrov
Mars Panorama - Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 739
Андрей Бодров
Consecration of the Cross
Андрей Бодров
Korsaar restaurant #5
Андрей Бодров
Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord (1938)
Андрей Бодров
Cathedral of the God Ascension
Андрей Бодров
Medieval Old Tallinn, Vanaturu square
Андрей Бодров
Lay flowers at the Monument to Sergei Korolev
Андрей Бодров
Winter in Tallinn
Andrew Bodrov
Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Андрей Бодров
Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (1896)
Андрей Бодров
Oleviste Church
Andrew Bodrov
Forcelles, Colfosco (2.125 m), Val Gardena, Italy
More About Kokshetau

The town was founded in 1824 as a fortress, named for the Kokshetau hill it was built on; the name is Kazakh for "greenish mountain".During the late 1930s, as a result of the Polish operation of the NKVD and related national operations, especially against Germans, many former residents of the kresy were forcibly settled in this region, and Kokchetav became the center of the Polish diaspora in Kazakhstan. On March 16, 1944, the Kokchetav Oblast was created, with Kokchetav as its administrative center. source: wikipedia