Living room 2
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Living room 2

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Living room

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A: Parco Marinai d'Italia

摄影师Alessandro T., 距离此处30远

Largo Marinai d'Italia, Milano

Parco Marinai d'Italia

B: Living Room

摄影师Alessandro T., 距离此处30远

Living room

Living Room

C: Snowy Viale Umbria

摄影师Alessandro T., 距离此处660远

Snowy Viale Umbria

D: Piazza Cinque Giornate © Cattura

摄影师Cattura, 距离此处740远

© Cattura - Improve Your Image - - - Ph.3453608285 - Immagine & Co...

Piazza Cinque Giornate © Cattura

E: piazza Cinque Giornate a Milano

摄影师Andrea Biffi, 距离此处740远

piazza Cinque Giornate a Milano

F: Piazza Cinque Giornate

摄影师Andrea Biffi, 距离此处780远

Piazza Cinque Giornate

G: Rotonda della Besana a Milano - Italy

摄影师Andrea Biffi, 距离此处820远

La Rotonda della Besana (o "Rotonda di Via Besana") è un edificio tardobarocco di Milano. Nacque in o...

Rotonda della Besana a Milano - Italy

H: Piazzale Dateo

摄影师Andrea Biffi, 距离此处870远

Piazzale Dateo

I: Trolleybus depot, Milan

摄影师Lucas Corato, 距离此处870远

This is the view of one garage in one of the main depots of the ATM - Azienda Trasporti Milanese, Mil...

Trolleybus depot, Milan

J: Piazza Risorgimento

摄影师Andrea Biffi, 距离此处970远

Piazza Risorgimento



Italy’s and perhaps the world’s capital of fashion and design, Milano is home to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which is possibly the world’s oldest shopping mall. The city is currently undergoing an architectural renaissance, which will culminate in a new skyline for the Expo 2015, which will be hosted in Milano. Visitors can take advantage of an extensive public transportation system, which includes metro, buses, trolleys and trams.