Ljubicevo Stables - Horses around
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Ljubicevo Stables - Horses around

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One of the oldest stud farm in Serbia (1853) was founded by Prince Milos Obrenovic and the suburbs near Velika Morava bred the best horses, and centennial oak forest preparing pigs for Vienna and Pest. "

It is assumed that the studs came from the maternal love of Princess Ljubica the eldest son Milan, who was often sick, wanting to create a residence away from city dust.

So the Prince Miloš ordered the entire time from having to Pozarevac planted oak trees. Erected in the Castle and several stables in which the prince kept his horses. His property, the place of origin stud farm, donated to the state.

Name Ljubicevo gave Prince Michael, in memory of his mother, Princess Ljubica, wife of Prince Milos. "An oasis of peace and tranquility," as a frequent visitor called horse farm, survived the life of national history, but always after a heavy day, coming revival. At the beginning of the twentieth century, horse farm has grown into an institution konjarsku European level and had about 500 head of a noble race.

If you are not familiar with horsemanship and the equestrian sport, perhaps you name animals Ljubičevac, Castor, Remoz, Hajdžan will mean something, but all of which are "connected" to paddock Ljubicevo will recognize in them invaders "Triple Crown", nepobeđenog galloper, pepinjera.

Visitors can enjoy an organized tour of the stables, see the details of the program of the Games-Ljubičevski Around, carriage rides, meeting and tour of the trophy room, a tour of the monument which was erected as a sign of success Ljubičevca throat. Specifically, Ljubičevac in 1974. He won a victory in all three class races and the triple crown. For paddock Ljubicevo is related tourism and sports event Ljubičevske equestrian games.

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Horses at Ljubicevo - Pozarevac

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