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Mrkonjic Grad
Bosnia and Herzegovina

The City Park is located in front of the Town Hall. The town was named after the King Peter the First Karadjordjevic Mrkonjic whose monument is situated in this park. During Ottoman Empire the town was called Varcar Vakuf which was changed to Mrkonjic Grad in 1925. In addition, in a City Park there are also two busts of National Heroes from World War II Pavle Dzever and Milja Djukanovic.

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Sasa Dragojevic
Paradinjak - Donji Graci - Mrkonjic Grad
Paul Linden
20140915 Jajce Wassermuehlen 04
Paul Linden
20140915 Jajce Wassermuehlen 03
Paul Linden
20140915 Jajce Wassermuehlen 02
Paul Linden
20140915 Jajce Wassermuehlen 01
Slobodan P.
Paul Linden
20140915 Jajce Katakomben
Paul Linden
20140915 Jajce Burgruine 01
Paul Linden
20140915 Jajce Burgruine 02
Bane Obradović
Slapovi Pive, Jajce
Paul Linden
20140915 Jajce Wasserfall 01
Paul Linden
20140915 Jajce Wasserfall 02
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Bad Rans Abbruch
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Mezabok's Community School
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Las Nubes Waterfall
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St Pantaleon Chapel and a memorial fountain of Jugovich brothers
Sasa Dragojevic
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Drina River near Donje Naselje
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Abandoned rural household
Sasa Dragojevic
Zvornik - Promenade by the river Drina
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