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Near Ke Ga Lighthouse, at the Ke Ga Islet, Bin Thuan, Vietnam
You’re at the heart of Ke Ga Islet, between one-story building with the keepers of the lighthouse and the Lighthouse Ke Ga itself. The Islet has quite a scenically attractive landscape with its alley of leafless but blooming plumeria trees and giant oval-shaped boulders suppressing the force of crashing waves of South China Sea. If you decide to ascent the lighthouse, you should address the keepers and after paying a fee of 20 000 dong (USD 1) per person you’d be able to experience a breath-taking view of the Islet and surrounding coastal area.
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  • Hồ over 1 year ago
    marvelous ! tks you ! anh chụp đẹp quá
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    Thang Bui
    Khe Ga lighthouse, the base leading to the lighthouse
    Thang Bui
    Khe Ga Lighthouse, Plumeria alba
    Malinnikov Ruslan
    Steps to the base of Ke Ga Lighthouse, Vietnam
    Thang Bui
    Khe Ga Lighthouse in the morning
    Thang Bui
    Khe Ga Lighthouse, the spiral staircase
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    Ke Ga Lighthouse at the very top
    Thang Bui
    Khe Ga Lighthouse Eastern side
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    Khe Ga Cape, the beach of rocks
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    Ke Ga lighthouse, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam (Hải đăng Kê Gà)
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    Khe Ga Lighthouse, the beach
    Thang Bui
    Khe Ga fishmen village, sunset
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