Oberer Markt Weltbild Neumarkt
Copyright: Peter wernig
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
上传: 09/07/2011
更新: 28/07/2011


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Peter Wernig
Oberer Markt Anton Peter Neumarkt
Peter Wernig
Oberer Markt Altstadt Hotel Stern
Peter Wernig
Rathausplatz Rathaus Neumarkt
Peter Wernig
Rathausplatz Oldtimertreffen Neumarkt 2011
Peter Wernig
Kirchengasse Buon Italia Neumarkt
Peter Wernig
Oberer Markt Kreisel Neumarkt
Peter Wernig
Klostergasse Creppresso Neumarkt
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
St.Johannes Church, Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany
Peter Wernig
Oberer Markt K&L Neumarkt
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Kirchturm St. Johannes - Glockenhaus
Peter Wernig
Oberer Markt H&M Neumarkt
Heinz Bruckschloegl
Kirchturm St. Johannes - SO-Ecke
Roland Lahner
Trauttmansdorff botanical gardens 3
Giuliano Bernardi
Fiume Noce Croviana 1
Fernando da Rosa Morena
Estación de trenes de Valle Edén
Sai Yeung Choi St( 西洋菜街) Mon Kok HK
Alexey Ermakov
Zorro (musical)-Nancy Reina
Marcio Cabral
Enchanted forest
Marek Koszorek
Carrick-a-Rede Island
Ivan Tsyrkunovich
Заброшенный Двор. Центр Гродно
Mark Weber
Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River, Arizona near Page
Giuliano Bernardi
Commezzadura Chiesa Di Sant Agata 1
Malinnikov Ruslan
Fairy Spring at Red Canyon at Mui Ne
Marin Giurgiu
Fog (Bodi Lake, Baia Sprie, Romania)
Peter Wernig
Innenraum 2 La Fortunella Neumarkt
Peter Wernig
Unterer Markt Wendekreisel Neumarkt
Peter Wernig
Altstadt Hotel Stern Dreibettzimmer
Peter Wernig
Altstadt Hotel Stern Breakfast Room
Peter Wernig
Maybach Museum Ausstellung Neumarkt
Peter Wernig
Altstadt Hotel Stern Doppelzimmer 2
Peter Wernig
Buon Italia Eingang
Peter Wernig
Klostergasse Brettschneider
Peter Wernig
Peter Wernig
Maybach Museum Eingangshalle Neumarkt
Peter Wernig
Rosengasse Kastengasse Neumarkt
Peter Wernig
Innenhof La Fortunella Neumarkt
More About Bavaria

The “Free State of Bavaria” is renowned for being culturally unique and for the emphasis which it places on preserving its heritage and traditions. It is also extraordinarily beautiful, boasting a plethora of castles, palaces, cathedrals, abbeys and monasteries not to mention spectacular scenery. Bavaria is more than Alps, men in “lederhosen” (leather pants), women in “dirndl” (traditional dresses) and frothy glasses of beer by the “maβ” (liter).