Old House theatre in Novosibirsk
Copyright: Ганин Александр
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上传: 28/06/2010
更新: 11/09/2014


Tags: theatre; houses; city; russia; novosibirsk
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Paul Melnikov
Ob river embankment in Novosibirsk
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Quay of Ob in Novosibirsk. City Day 2010
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Novosib 128
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Novosib 099
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Inside Tonnel 2
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Tioman Beach in Night
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The ice crossing of the Amur river near Khabarovsk
Ганин Александр
Old House theatre in Novosibirsk
Ганин Александр
Среднее шавлинское озеро. Алтай
Ganin Alexandr
On the ice in the middle Amur duct. Khabarovsk
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May day bike ride 2012. Second day
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Artificial trees near the Sibirsky mol shopping center at night
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Stella at the entrance to Khabarovsk on the bridge across the Amur
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Oroy spring. Altai
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Happiness is built sculpture in Novosibirsk
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Birch Grove Park in Novosibirsk
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XI may bike ride. Road between the hills
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Departure Inya, bridge
More About Novosibirsk region

Novosibirsk region is a part of Siberian federal district of Russian Federation. It's located in south-west Siberia and adjacent to the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia's Altai region. Its administrative and economic center is the city of Novosibirsk.