Penmon point, from within the rock pool
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Penmon point, from within the rock pool

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The very tip of this stretch of coast is called Black point and just behind you can see Puffin island. This pebble beach is fairly untypical for Anglesey which has normally more sandy or rocky beaches. Due to the pebbles the rock pools you can find are very smooth. This is a view from within one of those rock pools.

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A: Black point, Anglesey

摄影师Bernd Kronmueller, 距离此处50远

Black point, Anglesey

B: Penmon Point Lighthouse and Puffin Island

摄影师Hans ter Horst, 距离此处200远

A short distance from Penmon Priory, the Penmon Point Lighthouse guards the treacherous waters betwee...

Penmon Point Lighthouse and Puffin Island

C: Puffin Island and Trwyn Du Lighthouse, Anglesey

摄影师Richard Weston. Weston Digital Imaging, 距离此处220远

Trwyn Du Lighthouse and the view across to Puffin Island on the north entrance to the Menai Strait, A...

Puffin Island and Trwyn Du Lighthouse, Anglesey

D: Penmon Priory, Anglesey

摄影师Hans ter Horst, 距离此全景1.0

The monastery was founded in the 6th century by Saint Seiriol, but none of the original building surv...

Penmon Priory, Anglesey

E: Aber Bird Sanctuary

摄影师Darren Roberts, 距离此全景7.8

Aber Bird Sanctuary

F: Bryn Euryn Small

摄影师Darren Roberts, 距离此全景7.8

Bryn Euryn Small

G: Bangor pier, North Wales

摄影师Bernd Kronmueller, 距离此全景9.7

Another pier in the UK built to attract people but over time, well people forgot about them. Bangor p...

Bangor pier, North Wales

H: Penrhyn Castle - Historic railway museum

摄影师Bernd Kronmueller, 距离此全景10.0

Penrhyn castle also houses a historic industrial railway museum. There you can see many locomotives, ...

Penrhyn Castle - Historic railway museum

I: Penrhyn Castle - Ice tower

摄影师Bernd Kronmueller, 距离此全景10.0

Picture was taken just above the ice pit and if you look up you can see the lid of the pit. It is all...

Penrhyn Castle - Ice tower

J: Penrhyn Castle - Autumn colours

摄影师Bernd Kronmueller, 距离此全景10.1

Penrhyn Castle - Autumn colours



Wales (Cymru in the Welsh language) is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  The major cities are Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and Bangor.  The city of St. Davids is the smallest city in the UK with a population around 2000.  Wales itself has a population of around 3 million.  The Welsh language is spoken by around 20% of the population.