Providence Iway Construction
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Providence Iway Construction

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The new highway construction in Providence, Rhode Island known as the Iway. Photographed in the summer of 2009 for Vibco, the premiere manufacturer of construction vibrators.

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A: Overlooking Providence

摄影师Edward Huff, 距离此全景1.7

Overlooking Providence, Rhode Island from the rim of the Rhode Island Statehouse.

Overlooking Providence

B: Save The Bay Roof

摄影师Christopher Blake, 距离此全景4.3

Save the Bay erected their new building on a brown field site on the campus of Johnson & Wales Un...

Save The Bay Roof

C: Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Tower

摄影师Christopher Blake, 距离此全景5.6

We took this shot from just above the railing on the Pomham Rocks Lighthouse tower.  One of our party...

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Tower

D: Pomham Rocks Lighthouse - over the tower

摄影师Christopher Blake, 距离此全景5.6

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse is located on the east side of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.  It can be see...

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse - over the tower

E: Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Flag Pole

摄影师Christopher Blake, 距离此全景5.6

We positioned our camera at the top of our 40' tripod and just feet from the end of the flagpole on P...

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Flag Pole

F: Carousel

摄影师Brian Shriver, 距离此全景8.0

Crescent Park Carousel has never been moved from this exact spot in East Providence Rhode Island. It ...


G: Blackstone River

摄影师Lee Evans, 距离此全景13.9

Blackstone River

H: Colt State Park Estuary Bristol RI

摄影师Brian Shriver, 距离此全景17.7

Colt State Park is a gem nestled in the crown of Bristol, Rhode Island on the shore of Narragansett B...

Colt State Park Estuary Bristol RI

I: Colt State Park Bulls Bristol Ri

摄影师Brian Shriver, 距离此全景18.1

These are some bulls!!!  They're so realistic, so caught in the act of being bulls you might want to ...

Colt State Park Bulls Bristol Ri

J: Cole River

摄影师Christopher Blake, 距离此全景18.6

Cole River

此全景拍摄于Narragansett Bay

这是一个概述Narragansett Bay

Narragansett Bay dominates the geography of the tiny state of Rhode Island, extending 25 miles northwards and inland from the Atlantic Ocean right into the heart of its major cities.  It is fed by the watersheds of 3 major rivers: the Blackstone, the Taunton and the Pawtuxet.  Narragansett Bay defines the region's culture, its history, sense of place and quality of life.  The cities of Providence, Newport, Fall River, Warwick and Newport all owe their start to the bay and the opportunities it provided for water power, commercial growth and transportation. 

Once badly polluted, the Narragansett Bay has made a tremendous comeback in the last 3 decades as communities all around the bay have revitalized their connection to the bay and taken steps to curb human impact.  Aerial Vr plans a series of panoramas intended to capture the area's unique natural beauty, both from its surface and from the air as well as the vitality and uniqueness of its communities.