The Town hall (Magistrat, Rotovž)
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The Town hall (Magistrat, Rotovž)

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The Ljubljana Town Hall (in Slovenian referred to as Mestna hiša, Magistrat or Rotovž), which has been used as the seat of the Municipality of Ljubljana, was built in the late 15th century by the master builder Peter Bezlaj. It assumed its present appearance in the period between 1717 and 1719, when an annexe was added to it by the master builder Gregor Macek Snr. according to designs by Carlo Martinuzzi. Subsequently, the building was reconstructed several times, the most thoroughly in 1963 by architect Svetozar Križaj.

The façade of the Town Hall reflects Venetian influences. Preserved in the entrance hall are a late Gothic plaque with a coat of arms, which is a remnant of the original building, and a statue of Hercules with a lion dating from the late 17th century, earlier a part of the Hercules Fountain, which used to stand in the middle of the Stari trg square. Situated in the Town Hall's arched courtyard is the Narcissus Fountain, a work by Francesco Robba, whose original location was Bokalci Castle. Next to the Town Hall staircase there is a monument to the memory of Ivan Hribar (1851-1941), a famous mayor of Ljubljana.

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A: Ljubljana, Magistrat

摄影师Atila Bezdan, 距离此处10远

Ljubljana, Magistrat

B: Ljubljana town hall

摄影师Atila Bezdan, 距离此处10远

handheld at 1600

Ljubljana town hall

C: Magistrat 1

摄影师Aleksandr Starovojtov, 距离此处30远

Magistrat 1

D: Ljubljana, Robba fountain

摄影师Atila Bezdan, 距离此处30远

Ljubljana, Robba fountain

E: Ljubljana, The Robba fountain

摄影师Atila Bezdan, 距离此处30远

handheld at iso 1600

Ljubljana, The Robba fountain

F: Ljubljana, Mestni Trg

摄影师Atila Bezdan, 距离此处30远

handheld at 1600

Ljubljana, Mestni Trg

G: Ribji trg

摄影师Atila Bezdan, 距离此处50远

Ribji trg

H: Ključavničarska ulica

摄影师Štefan Grgič, 距离此处70远

Ključavničarska ulica

I: Ribji trg

摄影师Atila Bezdan, 距离此处70远

Ribji trg

J: Eva-Petric-Gray-Gr@y-Matter-exhibition-Kresija-gallery

摄影师Aleksandr Starovojtov, 距离此处70远

Who is Eva Petric and what is she doing?Simple questions, yet not so simple answers. This 24-year old...




The cutest of the Balkan countries and also the richest, Slovenia is a tiny wonderful secret. Its capital city, Ljubljana, is not be missed. Go from mountains to sea in the same day.