schorndorf, Stadtkirche Hochchor
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schorndorf, Stadtkirche Hochchor

世界 > Europe > Germany > Bavaria > Baden-Wuerttemberg > Schorndorf, Germany

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A: Schorndorf, Stadtkirche Marienkapelle

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处10远

Schorndorf, Stadtkirche Marienkapelle

B: Schorndorf, Stadtkirche

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处20远

Schorndorf, Stadtkirche

C: schorndorf Stadtkirche Kirchenschiff

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处20远

schorndorf Stadtkirche Kirchenschiff

D: Market place

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处90远

Market place

E: Schorndorf, marketplace

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处110远

Schorndorf, marketplace

F: Schorndorf, Hetzelgasse

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处120远

Schorndorf, Hetzelgasse

G: town hall

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处130远

town hall

H: Schorndorf, Hoellgasse

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处170远

The house on the left of the restaurant 'Pfauen' is the birthplace of Gottlieb Daimler

Schorndorf, Hoellgasse

I: Schorndorf, birthplace of Daimler

摄影师Hans-Dieter Teschner, 距离此处180远

Schorndorf, birthplace of Daimler

J: Baptist church Schorndorf

摄影师Clemens Scharmann, 距离此处380远

Baptistchurch in Schorndorf

Baptist church Schorndorf

此全景拍摄于Schorndorf, Germany, Bavaria


The “Free State of Bavaria” is renowned for being culturally unique and for the emphasis which it places on preserving its heritage and traditions. It is also extraordinarily beautiful, boasting a plethora of castles, palaces, cathedrals, abbeys and monasteries not to mention spectacular scenery. Bavaria is more than Alps, men in “lederhosen” (leather pants), women in “dirndl” (traditional dresses) and frothy glasses of beer by the “maβ” (liter).